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March 06, 2007 08:00 ET

Aspect Software Announces Release of Aspect Performance Management

New Application Helps Contact Centers Align Operational Performance With Strategic Objectives

WESTFORD, MA and REDWOOD CITY, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 6, 2007 -- Aspect Software, Inc., the world's largest company solely focused on the contact center, and Merced Systems, the leader in customer operations performance management applications, today announced the general availability of a new Aspect Software product offering, Aspect® Performance Management™, an application powered by Merced Performance Suite, that uses dashboards, notifications and workflows to help align contact center operational performance with strategic corporate goals.

Aspect Performance Management provides key performance indicators (KPIs) and a structured process environment to drive improvement in business results for customer service, collections and sales and telemarketing contact centers. Combining industry-leading technology from Aspect Software and Merced Systems, Aspect Performance Management provides a complete contact center performance improvement solution.

"Delivering relevant and timely performance measurements across people and technologies has always been a challenge for contact center managers," said Bob Kelly, vice president of performance optimization solutions at Aspect Software. "This tool not only provides on-demand, personalized views of KPIs versus goals, but also initiates actions for improvement through automatic alerts and workflows. And because the product synchronizes performance measurement with initiative-based coaching, agent recognition and automated results tracking, contact centers will experience a continuous improvement process at minimal cost."

Aspect Performance Management helps create a performance-based culture in which each level of the organization has access to the information they need to align contact center performance with corporate objectives and allows organizations to easily identify the root cause of issues hindering agent performance.

"We're proud to be collaborating with Aspect Software," said Mark Selcow, Merced Systems' president. "As the cornerstone to achieving operational excellence, performance management applications continue to experience rapid growth. By providing the tools and information necessary for front-line employees to execute more effectively and efficiently, performance management applications have been proven to deliver significant business impact."

In addition, because it is able to integrate to almost any data source, Aspect Performance Management can automatically pull data from call center systems and business applications into a single platform for reporting and taking action. From this platform, it delivers personalized dashboards for everyone in the operation through a thin client interface, as well as provides complete management reporting, alerting and task automation.

Aspect Performance Management is part of the Aspect Software Contact Center Performance Optimization product line, which helps maximize agent performance and improve operations by enhancing quality, increasing customer contacts and optimizing contact center resources. The Aspect Software performance optimization applications -- Aspect® eWorkforce Management™, Aspect® Quality Management™, Aspect® Campaign Optimizer™, Aspect® Enterprise Campaign Manager™ and Aspect® Performance Management™ -- are designed to reduce labor costs, enhance customer interaction efficiency and effectiveness and align performance with business goals.

Kelly added, "When you synchronize Aspect Performance Management with other contact center performance optimization applications, such as workforce management, quality management or campaign management, you can really effect tremendous change in your organization's performance. Your organization can ensure the contact center has the right resources available, with the right skills, at the right times, it can optimize sales and collections campaigns, record and monitor calls to hear actual customer interactions, and ultimately drive behavior change that improves competitive position and bottom-line profitability."

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