March 08, 2012 09:00 ET

AssetWorks Case Study Featured in Aberdeen Group Analyst Insight

Research Report Examines the Role of Embedded Business Intelligence (BI) Tools in Enterprise Business Applications and Features AiM™ IQ from AssetWorks

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS--(Marketwire - March 8, 2012) - AssetWorks, a leader in Intelligent Workplace Management(SM), was recently featured in an Aberdeen Group Analyst Insight entitled "Embedded BI: Boosting Analytical Adoption and Engagement." The report focuses on the use of embedded BI and investigates the organizational impact of embedded BI on the broader problem domain of business analytics.

The Aberdeen Group report features AiM™ IQ from AssetWorks in a case study illustrating how embedded BI tools deliver greater access to enterprise data and more flexibility in manipulating and leveraging that data to drive positive business outcomes. As a result, embedded BI tools like AiM IQ promote more cross-functional transparency and collaboration, enhance peer-to-peer data analysis and simplify analysis of key performance indicators (KPIs). More information is available by downloading the full Aberdeen Group Analyst Insight report at:

"We're tremendously grateful for the opportunity to contribute to The Aberdeen Group's analysis of the use and impact of embedded BI tools," said Ken Slaughter, Senior Vice President, AssetWorks. "It was our goal to articulate the decision making process that led us to bring AiM IQ to market and the benefits AiM IQ users are realizing as a result of its powerful embedded BI capabilities. In so doing, we hoped to buttress The Aberdeen Group's research with a practical model of embedded BI augmenting the capabilities of an enterprise business application like AiM."

AiM IQ from AssetWorks enables organizations to improve transparency across the organization through greater access to shared data, enhance organizational agility and optimize resource utilization, quickly pinpoint areas of inefficiency, and improve response to customer demand. With AiM IQ, organizations can respond more effectively to organizationally- and market-driven change, improve operations and reduce costs, and accurately forecast operational trends. For more information about AiM IQ, visit:

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