October 10, 2012 08:00 ET

ASSIA DSL Expresse Enables 100 Mbps With an Industry-First Vectoring Management Solution

DSL Expresse 3.1 Allows Service Providers to Upgrade Lines Seamlessly to 100 Mbps Vectored VDSL Without Conversion of All Lines to Vectoring Simultaneously

REDWOOD CITY, CA--(Marketwire - Oct 10, 2012) - ASSIA, Inc., the leading provider of high-performance software tools for dynamic spectrum management (DSM) of digital subscriber line (DSL) and Wi-Fi networks, today introduced ASSIA DSL Expresse® 3.1, the world's first DSL network management system designed to manage simultaneously vectored and non-vectored lines.

DSL Expresse 3.1, with its patented vectoring technology, enables service providers to deliver the fastest possible speeds and to achieve the highest return on investment in meeting consumer demand for high-bandwidth services, such as IPTV and online gaming, by progressive and predictable upgrades to vectored VDSL while maximizing the performance of all non-vectored DSLs.

Conversion of an entire DSL node or region simultaneously to vectoring can be expensive and impractical for service providers without management. ASSIA's unique patented Expresse 3.1 capabilities allow seamless and cost-effective transition to vectoring so that vectored and non-vectored lines realize the most benefit.

Additional broadband management features of ASSIA DSL Expresse 3.1 include:

  • A "vectoring predictor" that analyzes each line in a network and assists a service provider with determining the optimal and/or most cost-effective vectoring deployment strategy.
  • The ability to identify customer premises equipment (CPE) remotely as capable of supporting vectoring, requiring a software upgrade, or in need of replacement.
  • Spectrum management of non-vectored lines to minimize the impact on vectored lines' performance.
  • PHY retransmission management that supports G.INP standard PHY retransmission and Broadcom proprietary PHY-R technology for enhanced protection against impulse noise.
  • ClearView, a state-of-the-art expert system that provides clear and concise recommendations to a contact center agent or field technician to resolve a customer DSL issue immediately. This powerful engine also features a user-friendly graphical interface that integrates with ASSIA Expresse Wi-Fi and allows the service provider to identify the source of any performance problem -- DSL or Wi-Fi -- at a glance.

"ASSIA has solved the very difficult problem of enabling service providers to upgrade selectively from ADSL/VDSL to vectored VDSL while managing both networks," said Teresa Mastrangelo, principal analyst of Broadbandtrends. "Before the release of ASSIA DSL Expresse 3.1, some industry observers believed that all lines in the same binder would need to upgrade simultaneously to vectored VDSL to achieve desired performance gains." 

ASSIA Technology Overcomes Management Challenges Created by Vectoring

While vectored VDSL enables speeds of 100 Mbps or higher, this latest improvement to DSL technology also introduces complexities not previously encountered in DSL networks. DSL Expresse 3.1 addresses each of those newly encountered issues.

Managing Vectored and Non-vectored Lines. Service providers can plan network upgrades and manage simultaneously vectored and non-vectored lines without the practical constraints of "flash cutting" all VDSLs to vectoring.

Unmasked Noise. While vectored VDSL greatly reduces or eliminates crosstalk among lines, it exposes other noise and interference previously masked by that crosstalk. In fact, research indicates that 75 percent of vectored VDSLs may become unstable if that unmasked noise is unaddressed, a problem solved by the deployment of Expresse 3.1.

In 2005, ASSIA proposed and subsequently received issued patents on the essential elements of an approach that has recently been referred to as "Zero Touch Vectoring." While no method guarantees that maintenance is unnecessary, ASSIA Expresse 3.1 uniquely minimizes the need for manual labor and equipment replacement on both the DSLAM and CPE side.

"ASSIA DSL Expresse 3.1 is the only DSL management system available today that helps service providers improve customer service and operational planning using the latest vectoring technologies, while minimizing new infrastructure investments," said Dr. John Cioffi, chairman and CEO of ASSIA, Inc. "DSL Expresse 3.1 supports the broad conversion to vectored VDSL currently underway worldwide and helps service providers realize higher margins from new high-speed services over existing copper lines. ASSIA experts have made important contributions to the development of vectoring technology, and this latest release reflects these powerful advances."

ASSIA DSL Expresse 3.1 is available now. For pricing and other sales information contact ASSIA at

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