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October 08, 2012 11:50 ET

Associates in Plastic Surgery Shares Plastic Surgery Etiquette 101 From Top Plastic Surgeon in Manhattan

MANHATTAN, NY--(Marketwire - Oct 8, 2012) - With plastic surgery growing in popularity, knowing how to properly address a recent surgery or interact with someone who has "gone under the knife" may be useful.

Dr. Heller, a plastic surgeon in Manhattan, offers advice for his patients and people likely to meet someone who has had a procedure.

"While the results are often in public view, having plastic surgery is a personal experience," says Heller.

His advice for onlookers is:

If They Don't Tell, Don't Ask
Bringing up someone's surgery before they offer is impolite, says Mary Mitchell, author of "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Etiquette."

If aware of a person's surgery, expressing your care for their well-being provides support that is often needed and relieves the urge to discuss it.

In cases where results are obvious, telling them they "look great" can indirectly open the door to discussion, says Heller, a Manhattan liposuction expert.

For patients:

To Tell...
Being "open" can be a liberating experience for some, like Mitchell, who found that many delighted in her decision not to avoid discussing her own facelift.

"Open" doesn't mean exposing a new Brazilian butt lift to all acquaintances. Simply mentioning the procedure without going into detail will suffice.

Or Not to Tell
Patients should keep in mind that procedures like facelifts that have extreme results can make initial interactions uncomfortable for people who are caught off guard. A simple "heads up" can prevent an awkward situation for both parties.

Camouflaging rhinoplasty or a lifestyle lift with a new hair color or wardrobe can fool others into thinking their friend's stunning hairdo or flattering new blouse is the reason they look so refreshed.

"Patients choose to have works done for different reasons," says Heller. "For some, it's something they wish to keep private; that's personally rewarding. For others, the experience is liberating and must be shared."

For etiquette reasons, if they don't tell, don't ask.

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