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October 13, 2009 09:00 ET

Asterpix Launches SearchLight Service to Help Users Discover Content and Boost Online Publisher Revenues

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwire - October 13, 2009) - Asterpix today announced the formal launch of its SearchLight publisher offering that helps users discover relevant content and drives additional revenue for publishers.

SearchLight's automated solution uses patent-pending PhraseMatch technology to display contextually relevant search phrases next to publisher content, visually ranked by relevance and user-interest (see illustration). For each SearchLight display, salient phrases are extracted from all related pages on the site to dynamically suggest the most relevant search phrases to the user. Search phrases are linked to publisher-branded search pages hosted by Asterpix, with search results restricted to publisher content. SearchLight units can be customized to any size, shape and color style. Asterpix takes a share of the incremental search revenue earned by publishers.

"The amount of content available on the internet is so large that users are often unsure how best to search for the content that is most relevant to them. At the same time, search is very effective at monetization, with a few percent of all page views -- yet 50 percent of the total ad spend," says Nat Kausik, Asterpix CEO. "Our mission is to help users discover content on publisher sites by suggesting search phrases most relevant to each page and driving search on our partner sites. As users click through the phrases, they discover relevant content while navigating through high-yield search pages. This is an opportunity for publishers to provide significant value to the user and enjoy additional revenue. The revenue yield on search results pages can be 10 times the yield on the corresponding content pages."

On a typical site, 40% of visitors leave the site for a search engine, a big loss in engagement and revenue. Mr. Kausik says SearchLight stems this loss by helping users discover additional content relevant to them through search on the site, thereby boosting user engagement and revenue.

"After deploying SearchLight, revenues rose about 20% and users discovered more of our content... it took just a few minutes to implement," says James Hood, CEO of, one of 75+ sites that installed SearchLight during its ramp up period.

Adds Reed Kramer, CEO of, among the Internet's largest content sites, posting over 1000 stories daily in English and French, serving 12 million pages a month direct plus news wire distribution, "SearchLight helps our users discover more of our content and increased revenue 18%."

"Asterpix enables a powerful flip to the traditional search model. The company has cleverly enabled web pages to have a more dynamic intelligence -- surfacing the information that a reader may seek to read next -- generating a better user experience and a new revenue stream for its publishers," says Colin W. Gillis, Managing Director, Internet Equity Research, Brigantine Advisors.

"SearchLight is a user tool and performs best below-the-fold, ideally just below the content, " says Mr. Kausik, who is a serial entrepreneur with degrees from Cornell, Princeton and the Indian Institute of Technology. "What sets us apart is that we help the user discover relevant content. It is important to publishers that we make money for them and help the user rather than push out premium-priced ad formats that annoy their audience."

Asterpix ( Building on their earlier offering of interactive video to enable search and discovery of online video, the company's focus has now expanded to search and discovery of all content. Asterpix SearchLight constructs search phrases most relevant to each page on publisher sites to help users discover related content and to drive additional search and display revenue for publishers. The privately held company, based in San Jose, commenced operations in 2007 and is backed by funding from New Enterprise Associates and Shasta Ventures.

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