May 26, 2011 09:00 ET

Atex Empowers Advertising Sales Staffs With New Browser and Tablet Tools

OneView Advertising Gives Media Companies Browser-Based Tools for Ad Order Entry and Customer Account Management; Tablet Ad Management Allows Outside Sales Staffs to Use Tablet Devices Like the iPad to Perform More Tasks While Working Directly With Customers

READING, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - May 26, 2011) - Atex launches two new advertising solutions designed to help media companies enhance their advertising operations. With the Atex solutions, media companies can utilize a wide variety of browser-based devices as well as tablets to improve the productivity of sales staffs. The systems also encourage companies to adopt flexible business models that respond quickly to new revenue opportunities.

For the browser, Atex offers the OneView Advertising application for ad booking and customer account management. It is designed to help media companies streamline the entire advertising operation from order entry, to scheduling, tracking, publishing, reporting, and billing. OneView Advertising gives media companies the flexibility to tailor the system to meet their specific business needs. Through Web services, media companies can create 'role-relevant' user experiences to meet a specific job function. It also generates comprehensive 'mash-ups' where elements from individual software applications like Microsoft Dynamics CRM or are combined in the same Atex Advertising experience.

The second solution, Atex Tablet Ad Management, helps mobile salespeople generate more business by giving them the tools to act as soon as an advertising customer is ready to buy an ad. It delivers an end-to-end solution that allows sales people to update, review, or enter new customer information or place new orders from an easy-to-use app. With the ability to control the entire ad management workflow while sitting in front of the customer, the Atex application eliminates the need to be in the office to review production schedules, or run credit checks.

"Media companies around the world want tools that enable advertising salespeople to become more productive, more mobile, and more customer-centric," said Donna Beasley, Atex Vice President of Advertising Product Management. "With these new Atex products, salespeople can manage advertising and customer activity from any PC, Macintosh or tablet device. In addition, Atex delivers a modern user experience that helps salespeople close more deals while strengthening the relationships with prospective advertisers."

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