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Emza Visual Sense

Emza Visual Sense

June 17, 2008 14:02 ET

Athlone Global Security Completes New Round of Investment in Emza Visual Sense

ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA--(Marketwire - June 17, 2008) - Athlone Global Security Corporation (AGS), an investment company specializing in homeland security technologies, announced today the completion of a new round of investment in Emza Visual Sense. The current round was spearheaded by a leading international investment bank that co-invested with AGS.

Emza Visual Sense is an Israeli-originated start-up founded in 2005 by technology veterans Eitan Ramati and Zeev Smilansky. The company has developed a purpose-built, cost effective, outdoor visual sensor, called the WiseEye. The WiseEye monitors, analyzes and alerts on suspicious events. The product is used in small sites as a low-cost standalone deployment. When used in conjunction with Emza's Control Unit and Central Station Software, WiseEye dramatically improves the economics of designing, building, and operating real-time visual detection and verification environments.

WiseEye is currently being used by the Armed Response Team in Albuquerque, NM as part of their "Stake-Out System." Armed Response Team is the leading provider of security and in-person response to alarm signals in the city and currently offers its services to commercial customers. Energy giant, Con Edison is presently testing WiseEye with positive results to protect their outdoor assets.

According to Doron Almog, Executive Chairman of AGS, "Emza has developed a unique solution to a pervasive and unmet market need. WiseEye is a commercial-quality solution for real-time visual verification in real-world environments. I have not encountered a similar solution in the entire homeland security market."

"The compact architecture of the WiseEye, its relatively low cost, ease and speed of deployment, and its unprecedented accuracy in reducing false positives while positively detecting even fleeting events make the system an incredibly attractive offering," said Almog. "Enterprises and government agencies that require a rapidly-deployable, sophisticated visual intrusion detection system will find WiseEye to be a powerful, scalable tool. I am confident that the commercial security services market will quickly adopt the WiseEye."

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Emza designs and manufactures visual security sensor systems for organizations requiring real-time perimeter or asset protection. Our solution is based on designing "Commercial Quality" visual sensors that meet stringent operational performance standards used in hostile environments such as the Middle East-and yet can be installed in a day without prior training.

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