October 03, 2012 11:00 ET

AtHoc's Award-Winning Emergency Mass Notification System Includes Integrated Monitoring for System Reliability

Innovative Capability Offers Highest Level of System Status Visibility and Ensures End-to-End Emergency Notification System Readiness

SAN MATEO, CA--(Marketwire - Oct 3, 2012) - AtHoc, Inc. (, the pioneer and leader in network-centric emergency mass notification systems (EMNS), today announced that their flagship product, IWSAlerts™ EMNS, provides integrated enterprise-class monitoring for system integrity and reliability, which is unique for an EMNS. This capability ensures that the comprehensive notification system is always ready to respond to emergency situations and provides managers and operators with continuous visibility into the EMNS system status and readiness.

The integrated monitoring capability is comprised of smart monitors that are configured to continuously monitor the unified EMNS system and its numerous messaging pathways, including on-premise notification devices and remote communication services. Smart monitors can supervise system IT infrastructure and networks, internal system components and processes, as well as connected sensors and notification devices, from a local facility level to the large-scale distributed enterprise.

Unlike traditional IT monitoring systems which only track IT metrics, such as CPU utilization or system disk space, the AtHoc IWSAlerts integrated monitoring for integrity is tied to operational measures and parameters, and can reliably provide early warning of degrading systems and non-operative modules. For example, smart monitors can test end-to-end processes by issuing "silent alerts" that activate all applicable system pathways and confirm message delivery without actually notifying and alarming the recipients. The smart monitors provide emergency managers and operators with continuous visibility into the EMNS system status and readiness. Every state change or deviation from operational ranges can trigger proactive notification to system operators to ensure preventive steps are taken well in advance of the system being needed to respond to an emergency.

"Emergency managers must be fully prepared and abreast of the status and readiness of their emergency mass notification systems at all times. Their number one goal is to ensure protection of their personnel," said Aviv Siegel, AtHoc CTO. "Our deep knowledge and involvement in the life safety segment, combined with our unwavering commitment to innovation, prompted us to adopt this monitoring for integrity concept from life safety and integrate it into all of our unified EMNS systems."

AtHoc IWSAlerts comes with a large suite of out-of-the-box smart monitors for ease of deployment and installation, and its flexible architecture allows extending monitors for site specific integrations as needed.

AtHoc has a leading position and proven record of innovation in net-centric mass notification systems and protects more than 2 million military and federal government personnel. AtHoc's next-generation life safety systems are deployed across major government agencies as well as commercial, healthcare and higher education organizations.

About AtHoc
AtHoc is the pioneer and recognized leader in providing network-centric emergency mass notification systems to military, homeland security, government and commercial organizations. AtHoc's products are used for physical security, force protection, personnel accountability, recall and regulatory compliance. Millions of end-users worldwide, in organizations such as the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Veterans Affairs, U.S. Marine Corp, UCLA, Microsoft and Raytheon rely on AtHoc's unified notification systems for their emergency alerting and critical communication needs. AtHoc has partnered with market leaders including Microsoft, Cisco, Harris, Siemens, Northrop Grumman, MIR3, Lockheed Martin and others to bring these notification solutions to the public and commercial markets. For more information about AtHoc, please visit

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