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November 12, 2007 10:34 ET

Atlantis Technology Group Enters Into Protracted Negotiations Regarding the Development and Distribution Rights of the Revolutionary iBox

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO--(Marketwire - November 12, 2007) - Technology company Atlantis Technology Group (OTCBB: ATNO) announced today the group had entered protracted negotiations with iStream Global Broadband Television developer Intervision, LLC, for the development and distribution rights of the company's revolutionary iBox media system. Atlantis and Intervision entered into a Letter of Intent in mid October 2007.

The flagship of Intervision, LLC is IVNET.TV, an integrated e-commerce, media and communications solutions provider. The company offers retailers, manufacturers, and services entities a multi-lingual single-platform system for business development, market penetration, product roll-out and broadcast channel launch.

A major component of the IVNET.TV system, which is in the late stages of testing and development, is the iStream Intuitive Transmedia Vector Set-Top Box. This "iBox" is a quadruple-play digital media system that allows users to watch live television on their PCs and media players and provides the ability to send live broadcasts directly to streaming internet (IPTV) and satellite channels.

Also operating as a global TV tuner, the iBox allows users access to virtually limitless satellite, IPTV, and terrestrial television programming anywhere in the world as well as providing access to dedicated, consumer-directed channels offering interactive commerce, educational and entertainment programming.

The iBox works seamlessly with the existing IVNET.TV global infrastructure, namely the IM3 and PC2 constructs. IM3 is the world's only integrated media, market development, and management system which allows users, regardless of size or market cap, to streamline their communications, target their desired markets and sell their products in a demographically- targeted virtual marketplace called PC2 (Parity Protocol for Commerce and Communications). PC2 is a content management system offered under a subscription service which grants participants access to an online production and development suite. The architecture of IM3 and PC2 derives from open source constructs; a business model proprietary to IVNET.TV.

The existing IVNET.TV infrastructure offers an "open market" scenario within which companies may create, edit, and upgrade interactive "sales channels." The IVNET.TV business plan is to offer these services in exchange for a percentage on all sales made within the network, using the world's first revenue-sharing, integrated e-commerce and branded content online community, the Consumer Owned and Operated Portal USA. The Co-Op USA operates as the dedicated consumer market of IM3 and provides free, unlimited broadband content and streaming for registered consumers. Premium content (i.e. local and satellite programming, music and movie downloads) are accessible according to consumer usage -- the more a consumer watches, downloads or interacts online, the more content is made available.

Atlantis Technology Group is extremely excited about the possible advertising and marketing applications of the iBox, insofar as it permits companies to create, design, edit and launch new products and media content within a secure, controlled "test" market before official roll-out. According to Atlantis Technology Group President Tim DeHerrera, "Based on market research and testing, the iBox is, to our knowledge, the only fully-functional, open, IP set-top box with practical market applications and large-scale distribution potential."


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