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Atlantis Technology Group

May 20, 2010 10:10 ET

Atlantis Technology Group Submits Information to FINRA to Open an Investigation Regarding the Daily Short Volume

MIAMI, FL--(Marketwire - May 20, 2010) - Atlantis Technology Group (PINKSHEETS: ATNP) submits information to FINRA to open an investigation regarding the daily short volume due to the new approved SEC short selling rule (

From the SEC Rule that came into effect 60 days after February 24, 2010, "We are adopting a short sale-related circuit breaker that, if triggered, will impose a restriction on the prices at which securities may be sold short ('short sale price test' or 'short sale price test restriction'). Specifically, the Rule requires that a trading center establish, maintain, and enforce written policies and procedures reasonably designed to prevent the execution or display of a short sale order of a covered security at a price that is less than or equal to the current national best bid if the price of that covered security decreases by 10% or more from the covered security's closing price as determined by the listing market for the covered security as of the end of regular trading hours on the prior day."

The daily closing price, share short volume, and percentage loss for 9 days of trading from the FINRA Reg SHO daily list (

                  Short     Total   Percentage of    Closing  Percentage of
Date             Volume    Volume   Shares Shorted    Price     loss/gain
5/5/2010         25061821  47391865            53%    0.0011        10.000%
5/6/2010         18687333  43868324            43%    0.0009       -18.182%
5/7/2010         33954681  82886009            41%    0.0008          unch
5/10/2010        21037108  67974742            31%    0.0008          unch
5/11/2010        22655850  65127651            35%    0.0008          unch
5/12/2010         8847717  27353547            32%    0.0008          unch
5/13/2010        17675050  37983540            47%    0.0007       -12.500%
5/14/2010        26729385  43370423            62%    0.0006       -14.286%
5/17/2010        72494011 119701250            61%    0.0005       -16.667%

We are opening this investigation due to the fact that possible violations into the new SEC short selling rule have occurred. Investors might be scared into selling their shares while, quote from the SEC rule "potentially manipulative or abusive short selling," could be occurring.

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