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November 15, 2007 09:15 ET

Atlantis Technology Group to Target Local Television Markets With the iSTREAM Console

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO--(Marketwire - November 15, 2007) - Atlantis Technology Group (OTCBB: ATNO) and Intervision, LLC, developer of the iSTREAM Console, have announced a multi-phased marketing plan, the first phase of which is to target local television markets and offer a cost efficient and effective alternative means of broadcasting.

Atlantis Technology Group have identified a market need for local broadcasting that both Intervision, LLC, and Atlantis Technology Group believe can be exploited by the iSTREAM Console. The market conditions, as they stand now, make the prospect of broadcasting to the local audience via cable and satellite providers a costly enterprise for local channels. Market research indicates that for a local television station to be included on the service offering of a cable or satellite provider carries an average national cost of $49,000 per month, a fee that is often levied regardless of viewership numbers. Insofar as viewership numbers translate into advertising revenues for the television station, the fees required by the cable and satellite providers are extremely onerous for the smaller local stations. The iSTREAM Console has the potential to change this business model by bringing down the average cost relative to viewership and by increasing actual viewership.

The iSTREAM Console allows users the ability to watch high-definition streaming video and internet programs on their televisions. A market-changing characteristic of the iSTREAM Console is its portability. The iSTREAM Console works worldwide and allows users and consumers the ability to view the network of their choice from anywhere in the world. This means that an executive from Dayton, Ohio, who is on business in New York, London, Singapore, Buenos Aires or anywhere else in the world can bring his iSTREAM Console and have direct access to his local news broadcast for Dayton, Ohio, as well as targeted local advertising. The iSTREAM Console also allows individuals from around the world to access that same channel. By way of example, if there were a presidential debate in Dayton, Ohio, users of the iSTREAM could tune in to the Dayton channel and see local coverage on the debate, a perspective not offered by the national news networks.

Another related feature of the iSTREAM Console is the ability of the device to instantly translate between 13 languages. With software that has been developed by and is proprietary to Intervision, LLC, the iSTREAM Console instantly translates from the broadcast source language to the user's selected language. This means that users can watch a local broadcast that emanates from Caracas, Venezuela, Seoul, South Korea, or Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and watch the broadcast in English, Spanish, French or one of ten other languages if they so desire.

Atlantis Technology Group is excited about the potential for development of the iSTREAM Console, especially as it relates to local broadcasting. Intervision, LLC, has already identified several potential distribution channels and is seeking to enter into more definitive agreements in the very near future.


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