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November 20, 2007 09:15 ET

Atlantis Technology Group and Top Producer Real Estate Media Set to Launch an Internet-Based "Foreclosure Triage Center"

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO--(Marketwire - November 20, 2007) - Atlantis Technology Group (OTCBB: ATNO) and Top Producer Real Estate Media, LLC, announced the companies are developing and will soon launch a "Foreclosure Triage Center" as part of the Top Producer Real Estate Media's line of web-based offerings.

The housing market in the US is in a deep recession, and research indicates further declines in new construction, sales and prices are imminent. By the end of next year, falling home values, combined with rising payments on adjustable mortgages, tighter lending conditions and, in all probability, a faltering job market, will have unleashed mass foreclosures -- estimated at several hundred thousand to two million -- unless something is done to keep people in their homes.

Top Producer Real Estate Media, backed by Atlantis Technology Group, has created a solution for many homeowners. The Foreclosure Triage Center will deploy strategies to help homeowners on the brink of losing their homes avert foreclosure. These strategies include, may include, but are not limited to, restructuring the delinquency through creative financing or a deed exchange arrangement.

Atlantis Technology Group CEO Tim DeHerrera is optimistic at the prospects of the new program. "While lenders generally are supposed to work with homeowners to restructure their mortgages, that doesn't always happen the way it should. There is certainly a niche market here for pro-active homeowners who see stormy clouds on the horizon but still want to keep their homes."

Top Producer Real Estate Media, LLC, is a Real Estate Media Company with an internet focus that allows Realtors and Brokers to connect directly with potential buyers the streaming internet video and other internet resources. The company provides high-quality internet resources to realtors and brokers in order to facility the exposure and sales in the real estate market and related markets. Where other similar internet companies have been disappointing in their services and earnings, Atlantis Technology Group has identified what it believes to this point have been several unexploited income streams.

Top Producer Real Estate Media, LLC, offers virtual walkthroughs, streaming videos and live webcasts to subscribing realtors. Top Producer Real Estate Media, LLC, also promotes ancillary local and national real estate-related products and services including but not limited to lenders and financing, security systems and solutions, architects, engineers, landscape design, landscaping services, interior designers, property lawyers, contractors and insurance providers.


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