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February 19, 2009 18:39 ET

Atomic Media Works Unveils Proprietary Lead Generation System for Car Dealers

Atomic Media Works Offers New Automated Lead Generation System Powered by L2 Fuse Campaign Technology

REDLANDS, CA--(Marketwire - February 19, 2009) - As car dealers scramble to find cost-effective lead generation methods, Redlands, California-based Atomic Media Works unveils an unprecedented new car lead system that gives dealers a viable marketing alternative to costly traditional advertising mediums.

As a former car dealer, Tony Wilcox, President and CEO, Atomic Media Works (, recognized several flaws in the leads available to new car dealers in the U.S. today; namely lead quality, content and equivalent pricing.

"Most of the leads that new car dealers are purchasing today include only basic contact information of the consumer yet dealers are paying the same price for each lead, regardless of quality, relevance and content. Our system addresses these issues effectively," said Tony Wilcox.

Better Lead Quality At Less Cost

Utilizing email and proprietary personalized URL technology from technology partner L2, Inc. ( together with R.L. Polk & Co.'s predictive rating systems (, Atomic Media Works' lead generation system delivers consumer leads to car dealers with more useful and pertinent information.

Atomic Media Works generates consumer leads through its relationships with a network of lead originators across the country. Their unique system allows the dealer the flexibility to surgically select the leads they require and have each lead automatically rated (from 1 to 10) by the consumer's location and propensity to buy. Research conducted by R.L. Polk has found that 70% of leads rated a "10" in their system complete a purchase within 60 days of the lead origination date.

"We've worked diligently to develop a system that gives dealers more of the information they need to sell cars at less cost per lead. When you consider the quality of each lead versus the cost, it's like buying a 'turbo-charged' lead for less money," said Tony Wilcox.

Automating the Lead Response System With pURL Technology

Tony Wilcox wanted to enrich the quality of leads they provide to car dealers by allowing potential buyers to state their preferences, current financing arrangements and provide information of when they plan to make a purchase. Wilcox approached its technology partner, L2, Inc. in San Jose, CA with the idea of an automated data collection feature.

L2 provided Atomic Media Works with an applications platform that is capable of integrating multiple marketing channels automatically through Personalized URLs, Email and Direct Mail. L2's software platform, Fuse™, allows Wilcox to automatically send a personalized email on behalf of the new car dealership to each consumer that enters the lead generation system.

Wilcox's system is programmed to use the variable data captured in the initial lead to create a personalized message, an image of the specific vehicle the consumer showed interest in, personalized content ("Dear Sandra, your 2009 Nissan Altima") and a personalized URL; a link to the consumer's own website with their name in the web address. Examples of these include and

"With Fuse, Atomic Media Works can meet a need in the automotive market for better quality leads while automating the lead generation process for car dealers. By personalizing the messages that go out to consumers, the lead generation system Wilcox created helps car dealers initiate conversations with potential car buyers," said Jon Oakes, Chief Operating Officer, L2, Inc.

About Atomic Media Works

Atomic Media Works offices are located in Redlands, CA. Their client list includes Toyota Motor Sales, CBS Radio, Sonic Automotive dealerships, ABS Auto Auctions, new car dealerships across the Southwest and other regional commercial businesses. They can be reached toll free at (866) 928-6642 or by email at Their web address is

About L2, Inc.

Founded in 2001, now based in San Jose, California, L2 is the provider of Fuse, the on-demand, web-based platform designed to create customized, multi-channel, cross media marketing campaigns through direct mail, email and the web.

Fuse customers include Sybase, Acxiom, Optos, Intel, Delta Dental, HP, Rainmaker Media, Palmer Printing, Atomic Media Works and The United States Postal Service.

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