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August 02, 2011 08:00 ET

Attachmate Enhances Reliability and Automation of File Transfer With FileXpress 7.1

Enhanced Platform and Large File Transfer Support and Expanded SSH Authentication Helps Organizations Protect Their Business Data Supply Lines

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwire - Aug 2, 2011) - Attachmate Corporation today announced the availability of the latest version of Attachmate® FileXpress®, a family of products for the managed file transfer (MFT) software market. FileXpress 7.1 enables IT professionals to strategically manage their mission-critical internal and external file transfers, enhance data security, make IT operations more efficient, and improve overall reliability and automation of data movement. The latest version includes enhanced platform and large file size support over key standards-based file transfer protocols as well as expanded SSH authentication to enable organizations to avoid common challenges associated with password-based authentication.

"Traditionally, organizations have used different vendors and custom-built software alongside the proliferation of file transfer technologies, a mixture that has resulted in poor, unconsolidated views of file transfers," said Thomas Skybakmoen, senior research analyst with Gartner1. "Managing these disparate solutions is becoming more resource-intensive, and offers little or no central visibility and governance. MFT solutions deliver reliable capabilities to address file transfer across internal A2A, B2B and cloud environments, while providing centralized governance for file transfers across these environments."

In a recent Attachmate customer survey, 53 percent of respondents said security within data transfers is their greatest file transfer challenge. Despite the fact that the MFT market has seen tremendous competitive growth and significant consolidation in recent months, many IT organizations are still in the early stages with regards to education about MFT. Managed file transfer solutions support both tactical initiatives around secure file transfer over the Internet and strategic initiatives associated with improving the reliability and automation of file movement, while reducing the cost of managing file transfers across the enterprise.

"Despite the fact that the MFT market is experiencing incredible growth and adoption among companies of all sizes, many IT organizations still don't know much about the software solutions available to help them strike a balance between securing their file transfers, managing IT operational costs, and responding to new business opportunities," said Sam Morris, product marketing manager for Attachmate. "FileXpress 7.1 helps alleviate the headaches associated with file transfer by securing sensitive file movement, simplifying the process of provisioning and troubleshooting file transfers, and extending robust file transfer APIs to developers and system administrators."

FileXpress 7.1 simplifies file transfer for end users with a web-deployed Microsoft Windows desktop client, brings reliability and visibility into network environments by enhancing platform and large file support over key standards-bases file transfer protocols, and expands SSH authentication capabilities with X.509 certificate support to allow organizations to leverage digital certificates to avoid the common security issues associated with password-based authentication.

FileXpress 7.1 offers a more secure and reliable file transfer solution that allows organizations to achieve key IT objectives. New features and enhancements include:

  • Maintain a reliable data infrastructure - With FileXpress 7.1, organizations running file transfer protocol (FTP) services on a Unisys system can now extend access to files on that system over a range of secure protocols and client utilities. FileXpress operates as the gateway to an organization's Unisys-based files, while offering alerts and logging capabilities that help IT professionals respond quickly if issues arise. Additionally, FileXpress 7.1 has enhanced its support for the AS2 protocol to allow for the transfer of files in excess of 2 GB. Now FileXpress users have yet another protocol over which very large file transfers can be executed.
  • Balance data security with business efficiency - FileXpress 7.1 now offers X.509 digital certificate support for secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) allowing organizations to layer digital certificate authenticated SSH file transfer in front of systems that are not capable of supporting SSH technologies. This functionality, coupled with FileXpress' ability to quickly provision new file transfer and file transfer partners, enables organizations to increase data security and improve the efficiency of their IT staff.
  • Respond quickly to new business initiatives - When organizations need to quickly offer file transfer access to new business groups, FileXpress 7.1 reduces IT operational costs through a quickly-implemented desktop file transfer client that uses Microsoft ClickOnce technology for deployment and offers an intuitive user interface to end users. This adds to the HTML and traditional file transfer client support already available in FileXpress.

"Our customers and business partners require our file exchanges with them to be both secure and reliable, so we were looking to replace our piecemeal file transfer system with a robust managed file transfer solution that would streamline the entire process for our staff, partners and employees," said Craig Arnold, senior developer at Redmayne-Bentley LLP. "We see FileXpress as a key component in our ability to meet our partners' requirements while reducing the overall IT budget spent on file transfers, both in terms of budget and staff."

For more information on managed file transfer please check out, "Making File Transfer a Strategic IT Asset," a webcast featuring Gartner Analyst Thomas Skybakmoen and Attachmate's Sam Morris. The webcast is available via:

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1 Gartner data taken from its "What MFT Is, and How It Applies to You" report published in June 2011.

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