April 18, 2012 11:00 ET

Attention High Tech Reporters: New Career App Launched

ACareerJob Introduces App for Job Seekers and Employers

WATERLOO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - April 18, 2012) - Job seekers, warm up your smart phones. Find a potential employer using a new, comprehensive mobile app designed and launched today by ACareerJob

Is this true, really?? North America's most efficient yet comprehensive mobile employment application is designed to ensure both the job seeker and the employer receive quality, qualified matches in real time.

"ACareerJob app empowers both the employer and the job seeker throughout the hiring process," stated John Francis, ACareerJob's President. "This unique app efficiently refines and focuses the search process saving the company and the individual significant time and resources."

For employers, ACareerJob's focused search ensures only qualified professionals whose credentials match the employer's specified job criteria are connected.

For professionals seeking new employment, ACareerJob's highly refined job-searching capability directs them to attractive career opportunities that match their defined interests and skill sets.

"ACareerJob's new technology seamlessly screens and matches candidates with relevant employment opportunities and companies with qualified professionals," Francis explained. "We've eliminated the need to endlessly review resumes. ACareerJob does it quickly, efficiently and effectively."

ACareerJob is a subsidiary of Theonera Inc. a recruitment, assessment and outplacement firm based outside of Waterloo, ON.

To find out more about ACareerJob and the new technology, contact President John Francis. Follow ACareerJob's tweets, daily blog and become a Facebook fan.

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