SOURCE: Author Luke Salazar

Author Luke Salazar

April 15, 2013 11:15 ET

Attention, Hollywood: Repo Screenplay Auction Launched on eBay

Option Rights for RUINING LIVES With Starting Bid of $299.95; L.A.-Based Repo Writer Luke Salazar Offering Literary Piece of His Soul for the Price of a Really Nice Hat

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 15, 2013) - Author Luke Salazar, ex-repo man and former private investigator, has launched a repo screenplay auction on eBay. The option for his feature-length screenplay RUINING LIVES, based on auto repossession in Los Angeles in the 1990s, has a mere $299.95 starting bid.  The auction began April 15th at 8am PT, and ends on April 25th.

"This screenplay has been over 10 years in the making," stated Luke Salazar. "I've poured my guts into this story, and it's just sitting on my computer, gathering dust or photons or particles or whatever accumulates on a hard drive." Much of the screenplay was written under the guidance of California State University Long Beach (CSULB) professors, including legendary author Gerald Locklin, while Salazar was completing his Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing. CSULB is the alma mater of such film legends as director Steven Spielberg, actor Steve Martin, and X-Files creator Chris Carter. 

When asked "Why eBay?" Salazar responded, "I chose eBay for its iconic social presence. Everything from oddly-shaped snack foods to people's virginity have been sold there. Why not auction off a symbolic chunk of my being? This will go down in the eBay history books, right alongside dead fairies and celebrities' partially eaten hot dogs." 

Regarding the commercial viability of the script, Salazar is quite confident. "Repossession is a hot commodity right now in the entertainment community. People are interested in this stuff, and there have been very few projects lately involving the world of auto repossession. Most of the 'reality' shows on television are scripted, unrealistic, and unfunny. I took some liberties, but almost every repo in the screenplay is based on personal experience. In fact, some of the viewers out there may feel a dab of déjà vu -- but hopefully they're paying their bills nowadays."

RUINING LIVES is a comedy, a buddy film, and even a love story of sorts. Most importantly, it's based on decades of experience, and written with years of training in creative writing. Salazar recalled, "I bagged my first car on my 18th birthday, since it was the first day I qualified for insurance with the company that was training me. Not even the L.A. Riots stopped us from doing our jobs -- we were back on the streets the night after they started."

One practical aspect: older vehicles would be used in the film, since it takes place in the early 90s. Salazar noted, "This is before tow trucks became necessary and vacuumed all the fun from the repossession biz. Who wants to watch a 'reality' show where they just back up to a car and drive off with it? In my day, we were genuine auto thieves, operating out of a normal car. We were armed with lockpicks, key guns, and Slim Jims. We used dent pullers to slam out ignitions. We sprayed Freon into locks and shattered them with chisels. We were as silent and stealthy as ninja kittens. We knew that if we were caught, we could lose the car... and our commission. Only a repo license separated us from the criminals and street thugs. The screenplay captures a lot of those elements."

Some would say this is only a promotional stunt intended to promote author Luke Salazar's poetry and fuel the sales of his first book-length collection, California Burning, released a few months ago by Aortic Books. "Certainly it's a publicity grab," affirmed Salazar, "but not to promote my poems. I'm quite willing to leave the financially lucrative, glamour-drenched world of poetry to pursue a more humble position as a writer of multi-million dollar feature films and television scripts. After all, have you seen some of the schlock that passes for movies these days? The scriptwriting world needs me. There will always be more poets."

Author Luke Salazar is available for interviews in the L.A. area, and welcomes inquiries from literary agents. For writing samples, please visit For a preview copy of RUINING LIVES, contact the author directly via email. 

RUINING LIVES has been registered with the Writer's Guild of America, West Registry (WGAW). Don't try stealing it -- we know where you live.

About Luke Salazar

Luke Salazar has been a repo man, forklift operator, database programmer, editor, professor of Creative Writing at Cal State Long Beach, and a licensed private investigator... but never all at once. 

Coming from a strong educational background (as Salutatorian of his graduating class), Luke Salazar skipped college and found work as an auto repossessor at the age of 17. After spending over a decade in the field as a repo man, he switched to skiptracing and investigation. In 2000, he began college to pursue an English degree, winning several awards along the way for his repo-based short stories and his bawdy, eccentric poetry. In 2003 he transferred to California State University Long Beach, where he completed a Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing. His work appears in such publications as Pearl, Ambit (UK), The Ledge, Chiron Review, and Re)verb. Luke's first full-length poetry collection, California Burning, was released late 2012 by Aortic Books. 

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