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Lewis Circle of Horses

March 03, 2011 13:56 ET

Attention: Lewis Circle Leaps Towards Summer 2011 With Equine Product Line to Save the Skin of Your Horse

COSTA MESA, CA--(Marketwire - March 3, 2011) - Specialty show horse providers Lewis Circle of Horses ( is gearing up for this year's scorching summer with a pressing agenda to save your horse. Built around years of pride in personal horse care, the premium equine skincare line protects your horse from sun damage that can cause inflamed skin, blisters, hair loss, liver and colic impairment, and even melanoma -- more commonly known as skin cancer.

Founder Rebecca Lewis formulated this skincare line to prevent sun damage and maintain the health and beauty of your horse year-round. While the foremost area to protect is the face, the serum should also be applied to the body -- particularly in light-haired breeds such as Appaloosas, Lipizzans, Paints, Pintos, Andalusians, and Grays. The Horse Sunscreen Lotion is available in two main scents -- Coconut and Grass -- which have proven to be favorable to the horses as well as their equestrian counterparts. The third scent, Citronella, affords the added bonus of repelling outdoor pests to ensure the most comfort for your equine companion.

Providers of beautiful show jumping horses worldwide, Lewis Circle places the same detailed attention given in their matchmaking services to the extra care and protection of their horses' overall longevity and happiness. With expert Lewis staff based strategically worldwide, Lewis Circle is able to provide their clients with the most remarkable show jumping horses. 

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