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August 12, 2015 07:48 ET

Attorney David J. Hoey Successfully Represents Rape Survivor, Kira Wahlstrom, in One of Boston's Largest Trials Resulting in a $6.6M Verdict

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - Aug 12, 2015) - The Law Offices of David J. Hoey, P.C., (Hoey Law), a leading plaintiffs firm located on the North Shore of Massachusetts announced today that it has obtained a $6.6M verdict against JPA IV Management Company, Inc., and JPA I Management Company, Inc., former owner and property managers of a Radisson Hotel property located in Boston's popular Theatre District.

The complaint was filed in 2010 in Boston's Suffolk Superior Court and has been called "one of the biggest legal trials in Boston" by Fox News. Lead counsel for the plaintiff, Attorney David J. Hoey along with co-counsel, Don C. Keenan, and Krzysztof Sobczak took nearly three weeks to present the matter before jury of twelve and the Honorable Paul Wilson. After concluding the case, the jury took only six hours before returning a verdict for the plaintiff, rape survivor Kira Wahlstrom, against both JPA entities, amounting to $6.6M in damages and statutory interest. The firm believes this is currently the largest rape verdict against a property management company in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

In the suit, Kira Wahlstrom, a Haverhill mother of two alleged that in the early morning hours of May 1, 2009, as she was walking to her car which was located on the second floor of the garage on Stuart Street, she was grabbed by her hair and neck and dragged to a stairwell. From there, she was brutally attacked and repeatedly raped. Despite her ongoing screams for help, the attack continued for nearly 12 minutes. Security never responded.

During the trial, Attorney David J. Hoey and his trial team presented evidence and elicited testimony that showed the defendants failed to protect or warn Ms. Wahlstrom and others of "dangerous conditions", specifically that another Radisson employee had been raped 12 days earlier in the same hotel parking garage, nor had they done enough to stop such an incident for occurring again, despite being fully aware of the danger.

A seasoned trial attorney, David J. Hoey is a nationally recognized expert in the area of Elder Abuse and Neglect law. Well known for passion and his tireless preparation when it comes to presenting a trial, Attorney Hoey is no stranger when it comes to large jury verdicts. In 2014, Attorneys Hoey and Sobczak successfully tried a nursing home neglect and wrongful death case, where the jury reached a verdict allowing $1,425,000.00 in compensatory damages and $12,514,605.00 in punitive damages, which, with statutory interest, brought the verdict to nearly 14.5 million dollars. This remains the largest nursing home verdict in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

When asked how he felt about the verdict, plaintiff's lead counsel, David J. Hoey said, "This verdict speaks volumes about making a safer community, deterrence about negligible conduct, accountability and holding them responsible to their actions."

Moreover, Attorney Hoey thinks that this verdict may also have national implications about the risks people assume when entering parking garages. Tickets often have language on the back that says companies are not liable for what happens inside and this case may set a landmark decision on the reasonable security measures commercial property owners and managers must take to safeguard their customers and the community at large. When a violent crime takes place at a garage, or any other commercial business, the owner/manager must take extra steps to warn and protect their patrons, not just ignore the issue, or make cosmetic only changes, in hopes of not losing any business. Safety of people should always be placed above extra profits.

"I hope that this verdict will highlight the dangers of using these garages and that the companies will do more to protect the public from going through what I went through," Kira Wahlstrom said.

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