March 18, 2013 06:00 ET

AttuneRTD CEO Releases Comprehensive Letter to Shareholders

Proprietary Energy Management Systems Prove Critical to Eliminating Inefficiencies

PALM SPRINGS, CA--(Marketwire - Mar 18, 2013) - Attune | RTD ("Attune" or "the Company") (OTCQB: AURT), a leader in the design and development of proprietary energy management systems that eliminate inefficiencies and curtails excess energy consumption, today released an in-depth Letter to Shareholders from Shawn Davis, Chief Executive Officer of Attune.

My fellow Shareholders:

The key to understanding Attune and its compelling investment potential is to establish the difference between simple energy efficiency and the management of that efficiency. While the former is subject to varying degrees, the latter is not.

By way of illustration, note the situation of overconsumption of energy in the southern US during peak load times in the summer. Should utility demand exceed supply, power companies have to enter the open market to buy additional supply, for which they may have to pay up to $7500 per MWh; a cost that will ultimately wreak havoc with a consumer's power bill. Adding our cost-effective smart management technology not only mitigates or eliminates that cost; it can realistically deliver up to 60% annual energy savings.

There are in excess of 85 million homes in the US with centralized heating and cooling systems. Sixteen million have permanent pools and hot tubs. Whether one, the other or both, all require large and consistent amounts of power and if working simultaneously, consumers are just asking for peak energy costs. Pro-active management of energy consumption, as opposed to relying on built in efficiencies ensures maximum performance at the lowest possible cost. This problem is not confined to the U.S. alone. Generators worldwide are grappling with the increasing growth of consumption that outpaces the ability to deliver reliable energy at reasonable cost. The solution is our unique capability to gain energy efficiency through management; an unparalleled approach to the worldwide problem of growing consumption.

As our initial entry into the markets, Attune has developed the proprietary BrioWave® family of cost-effective smart energy controller products to protect consumers from over consumption and peak rate usage charges. BrioWave has shown that it can save up to 60% annually as well as allowing the consumer to realize payback in as little as 12 months. BrioWave can be easily monitored and configured online from anywhere in the world through our Global User Interface.

A few of the features of the BrioWave Smart Controller:

  • Automatically blocks out peak rate usage times
  • Ease of use allows for setting changes at any time over the Internet
  • Recovers excess filtration hours to enhance annual saving
  • Reacts to abnormal pressures to save equipment and energy
  • Networks pool with HVAC run cycles to "Load-Balance" energy consumption
  • Web interface allows settings changes and reporting dashboards from any web browser
  • Remote monitoring and alerts from anywhere in the world
  • Receive email or cell phone alerts
  • Smart meter-ready with built in ZigBee socket
  • Internal backup battery retains program settings during power outages
  • Easy to install in new and retrofit applications as indoor or outdoor device
  • Automatically tracks seasonal changes and daylight saving time

To balance loads and maximize efficiency, BrioWave products coordinate the usage of swimming pool and HVAC systems by prioritizing their operation to minimize simultaneous running. BrioWave can monitor the operating pressure of the pool system and can perform a back flush to clear out the filter and maximize pumping efficiency.

BrioWave controllers are a natural solution to demand curtailment events and can provide excess capacity back to the grid during hours of peak demand, easing the strain on city utilities.

While we expect significant revenue from BrioWave, our proprietary technology lends itself to a myriad of energy systems and applications. Other target rich environmental markets would see smart controllers managing power generation sources such as solar arrays or energy loads for households introducing electric vehicles. The efficiency gained would allow the size of the array to be significantly reduced and deliver the same power as from a larger array, while reducing costs for both energy and the capital outlay for more solar panels. In the case of vehicle charging, our technology would manage loads in the background to ensure that consumers purchased energy when costs are the lowest.

Not only are significant cost savings realized with our technology, ease of use and longer system service life are further competitive advantages.

Revenue growth will be derived from several streams including direct retail channel sales, sales through appropriate installation companies and from regional and global licensing agreements. With several patents either granted or in the pipeline, investors are protected from competition. In fact, we are confident that Attune has no serious competition and that we are clearly first to market with our proprietary energy management technology.

One might think that utility companies would eschew our technology. The reverse is actually true. Utilities have no interest in being forced to buy excess energy in the marketplace and passing on massive power bills to their customers. Our technology not only ensures optimal efficiency for its customers, it returns excess power to the grid. We believe that the utility companies will be among our largest marketers and potential sale partners. Since our technology can interact wirelessly with smart meters, it is a financial win-win for consumers and the utilities: And ultimately our shareholders.

Think of the growth potential if the energy needed for every powered device was appropriately managed to work at optimal efficiency.

At Attune we already have.

Our management team has developed the technology, marketing and relationships to generate significant and growing revenues for the benefit of our shareholders.

More importantly, our sustainable mandate is to ensure that power is there when customers need it at the lowest cost; insulating them from inefficiencies resulting in crippling price spikes due to demand exceeding available supply.

In conclusion, let me thank our existing shareholders for their continued support. As well, I look forward to welcoming those wishing to share the AttuneRTD vision as new shareholders. The Company will be releasing more and substantive news in the near future.

I thank you for your attention and look forward to speaking to you again soon.


Shawn Davis
Chief Executive Officer

About Attune | RTD
California-based Attune | RTD is bringing to market a series of smart products that, by themselves, are designed to create outstanding value for consumers, resellers and utilities by optimizing existing energy management technologies while also maximizing synergies between such technologies to further increase value. The Company's BrioWave intelligent pool systems controllers, designed to keep pools running at their best and most efficient, are capable of saving as much as 60% of typical energy costs.

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