ATU Local 113

ATU Local 113

March 12, 2008 22:38 ET

ATU 113 Membership Votes Down First TTC Contract Proposal

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - March 12, 2008) - Toronto's transit workers have voted 99.2 per cent to turn down TTC management's first proposal for a renewal collective agreement and authorized the union to call a strike, if necessary.

The current three-year agreement expires on March 31. The union will be in a legal strike position on April 1.

"It was a deliberately inferior offer and deserved to be rejected," said ATU 113 President Bob Kinnear.

"It doesn't come close to other recent GTA transit wage settlements, such as those in Mississauga and Brampton. It asks us to sell out future TTC workers by agreeing that they will be paid less than they would be now. And it doesn't address the injustice of the TTC's 'too bad, so sad' policy of financially penalizing our members in both Maintenance and Transportation who are injured or criminally assaulted on the job. Other city workers don't suffer such penalties, why should we?

Kinnear said the intense media spotlight on ATU-TTC negotiations gives people the mistaken impression that TTC workers are "always striking."

"In the last quarter-century, our members have withdrawn their services a total of 11 days, which means that for an entire generation we've been on the job 99.9% of the time. I've never seen the media report that fact.

"Having said that, we have some serious issues that need to be resolved in this round of bargaining," added Kinnear.

"Governments at all levels have been underfunding Toronto transit for many years and both the workers and our passengers are paying the price.

"We think that the public itself would withdraw its patronage from the TTC if it had an option. People are fed up with reduced services, overcrowded vehicles, dirty subway stations due to lack of cleaning staff and higher fares, all because Toronto politicians do not have what it takes to secure adequate funding from senior levels of government. It is simply unfair to continually ask TTC workers and riders to pay the price for politicians' lack of courage and foresight.

"Nevertheless, the union will return to the bargaining table and make every effort to reach an acceptable agreement."

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