June 29, 2005 08:54 ET

Auction Mills Purchases Merchandise That Has Retail Value of Over $118,000, Announces The OTC Report

NOTE TO EDITORS: The Following Is an Investment Opinion Being Issued by The OTC Report.

LAKE HARMONY, PA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- June 29, 2005 -- The OTC Report recommends Auction Mills Inc. (OTC: AUML), which has purchased numerous high-dollar items such as Max 2024 T1 Routers with a value of $9,200 - $11,000 each. Also purchased was $60,000 in consumer electronics and tools. Those products will start hitting the auction block today and will be listed over the next week.For more information visit

Other active stocks are Euro Tech Holdings Ltd (NASDAQ: CLWT), Sigmatel Inc (NASDAQ: SGTL) and Acacia Research CombiMatrix Corp (NASDAQ: CBMX).

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