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November 28, 2016 18:54 ET

Auction Software Saves the Night

New blog post from Auction Zoom shares how their software transformed an impending auction disaster into a successful fundraiser

VANCOUVER, BC--(Marketwired - November 28, 2016) - As a company that has developed technology and service solutions to help charities and non profit organizations raise money better, AuctionZoom recently posted how their fundraising software and offline ExpressPay payments helped save a recent Vancouver fundraiser. For more, go to:

"Not too long ago, we were involved with an event here in Vancouver with about 300 guests," explains a company representative. "We had a small team of volunteers with very little experience. It was the first event we worked on where there was no guest list-meaning that each bidder had to be manually registered for bidding at the event!"

The team had been expecting an Excel file to import into BidStation, so that they could assign bidder numbers and print guest lists for check-in. Instead, each arrival had to be checked-in manually, meaning potentially long lines and wait times-not a good start to an event.

To add to the challenge, the venue overlapped setup times with the event before it, meaning there wasn't room in the check-in area until 20 minutes before the reception was to start.

With the help of a few basic tools, including 3 high-top cocktail tables, 8 clipboards, a few dozen pens, and 300 paper registration forms (created on the spot) with pre-printed bidder numbers, the Auction Zoom team mobilized the volunteers. Guests were greeted and basic information was recorded using the forms. They were then sent over to the registration table, where credit card numbers were captured for the ExpressPay auction checkout using their PayStation app.

"When guests approached the registration table with their completed registration form and credit cards in hand, the cashier was able to simply swipe the card into PayStation and enter the bidder number. They also wrote the bidder number on the back of a program with sharpies for the guests to take with them. The check-in line was never longer than three people and was usually without a line at all. We kept them moving through very quickly and everyone seemed to be quite happy with the process."

With the support of AuctionZoom's software, all the guests were registered and checked-in for Express Pay within the 20 minute timeframe. Everyone was able to enjoy the auction, which went off without a hitch. All the purchases, which included the wine pull, raffle, paddle donations and, of course, the auction, were entered into BidStation, which made quick work of the transactions-and even provided an e-receipt to donors.

In spite of a choppy start, the auction came together beautifully thanks to improvisation and good software. AuctionZoom's fundraising software made it possible to streamline the check-in and checkout process, and everyone had a great time raising money for a worthy cause, which was the goal of the evening.

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