SOURCE: AudienceScience

July 30, 2015 09:30 ET

AudienceScience Launches ASci Signature, Providing Brands With Cross-Device Targeting at Scale

Multi-Platform Solution Provides Best-In-Industry Audience Matching, Eliminating Wasted Ad Spend

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Jul 30, 2015) - AudienceScience today launched ASci Signature, providing marketers with cross-device targeting at scale, across multiple platforms, thanks to the natively integrated DMP and DSP capabilities of the AudienceScience® Helios Enterprise Advertising Management System. ASci Signature is the first true cross-device targeting solution, allowing advertisers to build one cohesive media plan for reaching their desired audiences wherever and however they access the Internet.

The rapid growth in Internet-ready devices -- including tablets, mobile phones and wearables -- has fragmented the marketing landscape, forcing marketers to build unique identification and targeting strategies for each device. By doing so, marketers surrender all control over frequency, reach and sequencing, which means consumers often see the same ad messages across their multiple devices. The net result is a poor consumer experience coupled with wasted ad spend for the marketer.

ASci Signature solves these issues by joining multiple devices to a single anonymous user, helping marketers extend their audience targeting strategy across all devices.

"Until now, waste and ad replication across channels have been widely accepted by marketers, despite the very clear negative impact," said Tim Barnes, Chief Product Officer of AudienceScience. "Even with the latest technological advancements, brands and their agencies were relying on guesswork when it came to frequency and targeting strategies. There's no place for that in today's ad market. ASci Signature makes it possible for brands to use all of the data available, across all channels, to deliver a harmonious ad experience."

Signature provides marketers with three key benefits:

Frequency Management Across Devices, At Scale
Rather than rely on guesswork, technology drives the ad serving decisions. By managing audience data at the user level in both the DMP and DSP, advertisers can finally manage frequency capping at the user level across channels.

Best In Industry Cross Device Matching Confidence Level
ASci Signature combines data from leading cross devices partners with AudienceScience's custom developed algorithms to ensure the highest matching probability across data centers in the Americas, EMEA and APAC.

Segment Targeting on Mobile Devices
Marketers now have the ability to leverage existing desktop segments for mobile media execution, linking a user's desktop or laptop to their mobile identifier.

About AudienceScience:
AudienceScience is a global advertising technology and services company that puts marketing science firmly in the hands of the advertiser. The AudienceScience® Helios Enterprise Advertising Management System combines control and ownership of data with 100% media spend transparency. This gives advertisers a complete view of how every dollar spent goes towards reaching their desired consumers across online display, video and mobile media. A SaaS-based technology, AudienceScience® Helios enables advertisers to store and analyze on and offline data, build proprietary audiences, and target those audiences in real time and all within a single closed-loop system. With industry-leading audience targeting, data segmentation, a combined DSP/DMP, and comprehensive analytics, AudienceScience is the only company that enables brands to take full ownership of their marketing including data, technology, budget and -- most critically -- customer relationships.

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