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October 01, 2014 09:30 ET

Audiokite Market Research Gives Independent Artists Affordable Access to Thousands of Reviewers

Relaunch Adds New Features Including Custom Reports and Industry Opportunities

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - October 01, 2014) - Audiokite Research is providing independent artists with affordable, actionable feedback from thousands of real listeners in the U.S. via its revamped and relaunched website. Using the Amazon Mechanical Turk crowdsourcing platform, Audiokite has identified and verified more than 10,000 high-quality reviewers -- everyday people in the United States -- with more added every day. Audiokite collects data from these reviewers on user-submitted songs and compiles an easy-to-understand report. Reports point out a track's strengths and weaknesses while providing insight on commercial potential, synch licensing potential, and more in over 20 data points as well as written listener feedback. Now, after months of running reports for satisfied customers and collecting feedback, new features have been added to give users even more control over their reports while connecting high-scorers with industry opportunities to expand their audience.

Previously, artists could select one of four report types with pre-defined options when submitting music for review. Now, the new Audiokite allows them to choose exactly how many listeners will hear and review their tracks, target people who prefer a specific genre of music, and select the amount of time that reviewers must listen to a song before submitting their survey. Fees are adjusted based on the options selected. Users can also choose from an expanded set of five pre-made report types customized for artists and labels at different levels.

In addition, at no extra charge, Audiokite now matches exceptionally high-scoring artists with a variety of industry opportunities, including blog write-ups, discounted or free musician services, vetted promotion opportunities, submission to label A&R, and more. Those who qualify will be contacted directly by Audiokite, and no information will be shared until they opt in.

Audiokite also provides users with tools to determine not only what a listener thinks but also what they feel. Each report includes a word cloud of feelings reviewers expressed while listening to the song, providing insight into the track's emotional appeal. Users can even view a graph that shows the exact second when reviewers stopped listening to their song, allowing them to pinpoint sections that might need more work.

"As an independent musician, I know how difficult it can be for new artists to make decisions about improving their music, especially since the only opinions they typically hear are sympathetic from friends, family, and other musicians who just want to be supportive," said Alex Jae Mitchell, co-founder and CEO of Audiokite. "With Audiokite, artists can get unbiased opinions on their work from potential fans, listeners, and customers in the United States, breaking them out of the poisonous bubble of positive feedback and giving them honest, valuable data they can use to inform both their composition and promotion."

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About Audiokite Research

Audiokite Research provides musicians and labels at every level with affordable, data-driven feedback on their songs from real people throughout the United States. Artists submit their tracks via an intuitive web-based system that allows them to select the number of listeners, target people who prefer a specific genre, and choose the minimum amount of time the song must be played. Using the Amazon Mechanical Turk crowdsourcing platform, Audiokite identifies and verifies high-quality reviewers, gathering data from listeners via a comprehensive survey and combining the results into an easy-to-understand report. Topics covered include commercial potential, synch licensing potential, and ratings for vocals, instrumentation, production, song name, band name, and more. Those who perform exceptionally well can opt in to be matched with industry opportunities based on their data, including blog write-ups, discounted or free musician services, vetted promotion opportunities, submission to label A&R, and more. Artists, labels, and managers may also subscribe to Audiokite Pro to receive a discount on reports, add a website link to the listener survey, choose their own free response question on the listener survey, and download raw data in CSV format. For more information, visit

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