January 22, 2008 05:00 ET

Audioster the First Daily Web Service to Improve Your Skills in Using World English!

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BREST, FRANCE--(Marketwire - Jan. 22, 2008) - Thanks to the media and the Internet, a form of 'global' or 'world' English is now spreading that is starting to rival the previous standard forms of British and American English.

The influence of the entertainment industry, the use of the web and the unstoppable globalisation of the world economy all lead to a situation where people are communicating more and more in English, but a new form of English - 'World English'.

It is estimated that there are between 300 and 400 million people in the world using English as their mother tongue and just as many currently using it as a second language for both academic or professional purposes.

The outsourcing trend is a good example since most of the demand comes from English-speaking corporations. Britain and the US are outsourcing to countries where non-native speakers can function in English. According to estimates by the OECD published in 2005, up to 20% of jobs in Europe, the US, Canada and Australia could be "affected" due to this outsourcing trend. What is interesting to note is that these kinds of users of English will, in the very near future, become the majority, greatly outnumbering native English speakers around the world and with obvious consequences for the evolution of the language.

Audioster ( is the first web service to propose a new lesson every day on an international subject by selecting the best reports from Voice of America radio. The mission of Voice of America radio, founded in 1942, is to broadcast accurate, balanced, and comprehensive news and information to an international audience (more than 115 million listeners). VOA has correspondents conducting interviews in cities around the globe so the content of its broadcasts illustrates perfectly the use of world English.

Audioster is a service from Edulang, a company specialised in the creation, publishing and distribution of English learning content. In the future its website will also host a platform dedicated to online learners and their tutors.

Its clients include end users through deals with large publishers such as Marshall Cavendish or Micro Application or professional customers like universities and global companies.

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