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September 02, 2011 02:00 ET

Audyssey Introduces Premium Television: A Suite of Audio Technologies for TV Manufacturers

New Audio Technologies Overcome Audio Challenges That Plague TV Manufacturers

BERLIN--(Marketwire - Sep 2, 2011) - Audyssey, a global leader in audio technology for the home, automotive, mobile and theater markets, today announced at the IFA Tradeshow in Berlin the Audyssey Premium Television Suite, a collection of audio technologies that help TV manufacturers improve sound quality in televisions.

Developments in plasma, LCD and LED televisions have led to TVs with larger screens and lower-profile footprints. And, while video quality continues to improve, audio quality has suffered as available space in the TV enclosure has shrunk. Lighter materials used to decrease TV weight only add to the problem. So, ironically, as video resolution has increased, audio performance has declined.

"Up to now the majority of audio features included in TVs have been gimmicks that try to hide the real problems with TV sound quality. At Audyssey we took a different approach -- identify acoustical issues and device limitations and create technologies to remove them. Rather than adding things to the original content we remove problems. This provides a better individual translation of the content for each TV model and makes the experience closer to the original," said Chris Kyriakakis, CTO of Audyssey.

The Audyssey Premium Television Suite addresses the muffled sound caused by acoustical problems in the TV enclosure, physically extends the response of small speakers to lower frequencies, allows for louder playback by blocking any possible distortion that happens at louder volumes, and makes sure that softest and loudest sounds in the content are properly translated to better fit within the dynamic range of the TV audio system.

Audyssey is deeply rooted in audio, having developed technologies that improve sound in IMAX Theatres, automobiles, home theater AVRs and mobile devices. In recent years, TV manufacturers have turned to Audyssey to address the challenge of improving audio in their televisions. To accommodate the sleek look of today's televisions, speakers are being tucked away from view and, in many cases, behind the TV. This results in sub-optimal audio output, and Audyssey's technologies overcome these inherent design compromises.

Audyssey's Premium Television Suite is now available to TV manufacturers. Consumer availability of products incorporating the Premium Television Suite is expected next year.

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