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January 19, 2016 07:58 ET

Aunt Fannie's Partners With NAASF to Take Fresh Approach Further With Safe Near Food™, Non-Toxic Pest Control and Cleaning Products

GREENVILLE, SC--(Marketwired - January 19, 2016) - As more restaurants move toward fresher food with fewer chemicals, they are faced with new problems in food safety. One of them being fruit flies, which can carry dangerous food-borne illnesses. SUBWAY® Restaurants led the charge toward fresh, quality ingredients for more than 50 years, and now, many of its franchisees across the U.S. and Canada are taking another step toward creating healthy restaurants. The North American Association of SUBWAY® Franchisees ( has partnered with Aunt Fannie, Inc. (, maker of Safe Near Food™, all-natural, non-toxic cleaning and pest-control products to bring solutions to it's SUBWAY® franchisee members in North America.

Through this partnership, NAASF's SUBWAY® franchisee members will have access to FlyPunch!, a powerful, industrial-grade, non-toxic product that keeps fruit flies at bay, as well as Aunt Fannie's line of safe, natural and hard-working vinegar-based non-toxic cleaning products. These products will not only help increase food safety, but also create a healthier environment for employees and patrons.

While words such as 'disinfectant' and 'sanitizer' imply food security and safety from germs and bacteria, many leading commercial cleaning and pest products contain harsh chemicals that are poisonous when ingested and can harm sensitive areas such as skin and eyes. These chemicals are not the healthy choice to be so close to fresh food ingredients and can even be harmful for people in the restaurant.

"We are thrilled to partner with NAASF and to help extend their SUBWAY® franchisee members' commitment to health through the cleaning and pest control products they use," said Aunt Fannie's Founder and CEO, Mat Franken. "Using our safe-near-food, all natural products speaks volumes to how much they care about the welfare of their customers and employees."

People often assume all-natural products are less effective at killing harmful bacteria than traditional chemical-laden cleaners, which are often more dangerous than the germs they are killing, negatively affecting both short-term and long-term health. This is pushing more restaurants to use safer products. But when it comes to fruit flies, not all non-toxic products are the same. University research found Aunt Fannie's® FlyPunch! to be 544% more effective at reducing fruit flies than comparable brands, working quickly and efficiently to dramatically reduce, if not eliminate, fruit flies in food service and household kitchens, food distribution centers, and anywhere fresh food and produce is handled, grown or prepared.

"Our dedication to serving fresh, quality food is our top priority. We are impressed by Aunt Fannie's all natural ingredients and shared commitment to promoting and preserving health. Together, we can provide safe, healthy solutions to food safety," explains Illya Berecz, NAASF's Executive Director.

Aunt Fannie's Safe Near Food™ mission ensures that all cleaning and pest removal products are natural, and suitable for use every place where food is eaten, prepared, or stored. 

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About Aunt Fannie's

Aunt Fannie's, Inc. (, founded by Mat Franken in late 2013, is the maker of FlyPunch!, a powerful, non-toxic, all-natural fruit fly pesticide that is fast, simple, honest and safe for use around food. Aunt Fannie's Safe Near Food™ cleaning and pest products are designed for household kitchens, food service and food distribution centers, restaurants, bars, hotels, cafeterias, breweries, wineries and anywhere fresh food or produce is handled, grown or prepared.

About the North American Association of SUBWAY® Franchisees ("NAASF")

Founded in 1999, NAASF is the official advocate of SUBWAY® franchisees in North America. NAASF endeavors to maximize franchisee profitability, and to strengthen the franchisees' collective investment in the brand. For more information about NAASF, visit its web site at, call 866.590.9865, or email

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