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January 30, 2012 09:14 ET

Auraya Announces ArmorVox™ Speaker Identity System -- the World's Most Powerful and Flexible Voice Biometric Technology

Solutions Providers Can Now Easily Implement Richer and More Flexible Voice Authentication Security and Identity Management Applications Within the Enterprise or in the Cloud

NASHUA, NH--(Marketwire - Jan 30, 2012) - Auraya Systems, a globally recognized expert on voice authentication solutions, today announces commercial availability of ArmorVox™ Speaker Identity System. Designed for voice authentication security and identity management applications within the enterprise or in the cloud, ArmorVox is the only product to fuse text-independent and text-dependent voice verification, which allows IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system developers and call-center solutions providers to implement richer and more flexible biometric services with enhanced security, convenience, and flexibility.

With the move to mobile platforms and cloud-based services, ArmorVox Speaker Identity System is the first commercially viable, state of the art voice biometric identity verification software that makes implementation practical.

The increasing acceptance of speech technology applied in smart phones and mobile devices, such as Apple Siri, is paving the way for consumer acceptance of voice-based services. Credit card database breaches, identity theft, password hacking and fraud are at epidemic proportions. Since 2010, up to 35 million data records may have been breached in the US according to data found at Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. Increasing numbers of data security incidents are driving alternative methods to prevent fraudulent access to information.

"High-profile cyber-attacks and data breaches are making front-page news almost daily," notes Dr. Clive Summerfield, CEO and founder of Auraya Systems. "The need for stronger protection of passwords, personal information, intellectual property, and corporate secrets is driving greater acceptance of new high-tech security solutions. The industry has long awaited advances in voice biometrics technology that are more practical, affordable, and secure, and we're proud to be the first company making such technology advances possible."

According to a Forrester Research, Inc. report, a convergence of trends is fueling industry-specific use cases for biometrics. Biometrics technology has matured to a point where it is stable, scalable, and cost effective, putting it closer to the tipping point of enterprise interest and adoption as end users see tangible benefits in the form of dollar signs and productivity gains. ("Smart Computing Fuels Biometric Growth," Forrester Research, July 7, 2010).

ArmorVox - Unleashing the Power and Promise of Biometrics
ArmorVox evolved from government services and telecommunications research and development projects conducted by Dr. Summerfield and the Auraya team. Because of those projects, Summerfield found that neither text-dependent nor text-independent technology alone delivered appropriate levels of security. "However, combining the two, you can achieve the desired result," Summerfield explains. "Until now, implementing such solutions has been prohibitively expensive. But the release of ArmorVox changes all that -- enabling partners to implement secure, cost-effective and easy-to-configure solutions for homeland security, banks, healthcare, IT help desks, telecommunications carriers and others."

ArmorVox builds on prior Auraya Systems innovations, including:

  • Language-independent operation with built in tuners - optimizing local linguistic requirements
  • ImpostorMap™ - utilizing an advanced algorithm to profile the security performance of the voice biometrics system and for each voiceprint enrolled in the database
  • Speaker Adaptive Thresholds - enabling partners to tune acceptance and rejection thresholds optimized for each speaker's voiceprint
  • Voice QA - assuring high quality voice samples for both enrollment and verification are utilized, minimizing security vulnerabilities in the voice print database

Together these ArmorVox features create a high-security voice biometrics system enabling organizations to deploy this identity verification technology with the highest level of confidence.

Partners Commit to ArmorVox
Auraya Systems relies on its Authorized Partners worldwide to integrate ArmorVox Speaker Identity System into telephone, web, or wireless services anywhere and in any language.

"ArmorVox is a compelling, high performance voice biometrics engine. It provides exceptional flexibility in how we configure and deploy identity authentication in our help-desk and corporate security applications," said Craig Neil, managing director of NSC Group in Australia who use ArmorVox to provide security in healthcare services.

Industry leading cloud voice platform provider Voxeo, is making ArmorVox available to its worldwide partner network enabling them to integrate advanced voice biometric security into their applications.

Auraya Systems partners also include Canadian firm Voice Innovate Corporation, which is standardizing on ArmorVox technology for their security solutions. According to Mark Kovalsky, president of Voice Innovate, "In the emerging voice biometric market, ArmorVox provides real choice for partners and developers. We get advanced technology, competitive pricing, and flexible deployment models."

Pricing and Availability
ArmorVox™ Speaker Identity System is available through ArmorVox authorized partners, including NSC Group, Voice Innovate, Voxeo and others. ArmorVox prices start at US$20,000 in subscription or enterprise license configurations for applications developers and end-users. Professional services and technical support are available from ArmorVox authorized partners.

About Auraya Systems
Founded in 2006, Auraya Systems, the creators of ArmorVox™ Speaker Identity System, is a global leader in the delivery of advanced voice biometric technologies for security and identity management applications in a wide range of markets including banks, government, and health services. Offices are located near Boston, USA, Canberra and Sydney, Australia. For more information, please visit

Clive Summerfield, PhD, founder and chief executive officer of Auraya Systems, is an internationally recognized authority on voice technology and holds numerous patents and patents pending in Australia, USA, and UK in radar processing, speech chip design and speech recognition and voice biometrics.

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