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Aurora Information Technology, Inc

May 17, 2010 12:47 ET

Aurora-IT.US: Medical Marketing Company Aurora Information Technology Advises Doctors to Hone Their Practice Marketing Skills in the New Healthcare Reform Era

GARRISON, NY--(Marketwire - May 17, 2010) -  Aurora Information Technology (Aurora IT), a medical website design company advises doctors and healthcare providers to focus on the patient experience and pay more attention to their marketing and education now more than ever.

"Many of today's doctors didn't take business courses, but now, in order to survive this confusing time of healthcare reform, they will have to develop or hone these skills, and fast," says Daniel Gilbert, CEO of Aurora Information Technology, specialists in medical website development and medical marketing. Developing business acumen is certainly challenging, given the many tasks a doctor has to undertake on a daily basis. Understandably, for most physicians, insurance negotiations consume a large portion of their time. Aside from the business of insurance and actual patient care, doctors also need to carve out some time for practice and medical marketing, specifically geared for patients, both old and new.

Daniel Gilbert, who with Aurora IT, has developed highly optimized medical websites for nearly a decade, gives the following patient marketing advice to help doctors manage this new age of healthcare reform:

New patients, new marketing mindset: Doctor and medical practices will have to decide how they will treat the now newly insured patients, if at all. Doctors may not have much incentive to do so under the new governmental programs as they would have to put in a lot more hours in order to be profitable. Physicians may just decide to abandon this new market altogether and, instead, focus on patients who have viable insurance or who pay out of network. Healthcare providers will have to learn to adapt to and survive in this new frontier without compromising medical care. Either way, marketing and practice management decisions will have to be considered.

Referrals are serious business: Remember, marketing is not just for potential patients but also for other doctors. Physicians should find new and memorable ways to nurture relationships with primary-care physicians to make sure they are getting the referrals that their practice needs.

Know your strengths: Identify your practice's strength and find a way to showcase it. Perhaps your practice is small and individualized. Or perhaps your practice is sizeable with more on-site amenities that patients will find desirable. Crunch some numbers in an easy-to-understand way that demonstrates your assets, successes or achievements.

Know your patients: Understand the marketplace and develop innovative branding and marketing strategies that set you apart. If time is an unobtainable commodity, at the very least, hire a dedicated marketing manager or partner with an experience medical marketing firm to handle it for you.

Speak their language: Treat patients like you would any other business service provider. Be clear, attentive, responsive and professional.

Learn from the experts: Medical societies like the American Medical Association provide information, consulting assistance and classes to help doctors manage successful, profitable practices. "Chances are doctors are already members but need to leverage the benefits of their membership to their advantage," says Gilbert.

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