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February 16, 2011 20:10 ET

Aurum Advisors Complaints Lower Than Expected by More Than Ninety Percent

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - February 16, 2011) -  Three years ago, Aurum Advisors President, Marc Lubaszka, projected the number of consumers filing complaints to be substantially higher.

In January of 2007, Aurum Advisors President, Marc Lubaszka, was working on one, three and five year projections in three main areas of the company's gold business. New accounts, revenue and complaints? That's right, complaints

Most gold dealers have their primary focus on two things: How can this gold company make the most money and how can this gold company make the most money? "Our focus was much different," says Lubaszka. "Four years ago, I had expected the number of precious metal new accounts to grow by 20% annually and I also expected my company's revenue to grow by at least 25% annually. At those calculations the number of complaints should be exponentially higher than the number of complaints that are, in fact, on file with the Better Business Bureau. To my surprise, and to the surprise of those around me, we have managed to keep the number of complaints to the Better Business Bureau to a minimum, about 90% less than what we were anticipating." 

How? "Well, to be straight forward, we started out as a referral based firm so when you are dealing with people you know, people that you see on a regular basis, you want to make sure you do the best job possible . Fortunately, most consumers of gold told us what type of precious metal they wanted to buy and we were able to find the precious metals they were looking for at a reasonable price." 

Lubaszka added, "We have never been the cheapest and we are nowhere near the most expensive gold dealer out there, but we are a gold dealer that began with basic guiding principles and those principles have not only helped us grow at a faster rate than we were expecting, but we were able to reduce the amount of complaints in relationship to new accounts and or revenue significantly. If you look at the last few years, we should have had about 250 complaints. I know that sounds like a lot, but it is a low number considering the number of new accounts that have grown exponentially coupled with the increase in revenue. Also, to that effect, the combination of growth in new accounts and increase in revenue eclipses the growth rate of many of Inc. Magazine's fastest growing private corporations and should have put us in the top five fastest growing private corporations in the most recent list of the Los Angeles Business Journal.

"When you are dealing with people's money, it is important to make sure you, as a gold company, do everything in your power to make sure each and every gold customer has the experience they are expecting."

Aurum gets it right with more than 99% of its customers. With thousands of happy customers, you are going to get some people that complain. Their complaints typically fall into three categories.

The first complaint typically is a competitor that poses as a consumer in order to hurt your reputation, which happens most frequently online.

The second type of complaint is a legitimate complaint. An example of a legitimate complaint is one that a consumer makes because they were promised something and they didn't receive it. We have had a relatively small amount of gold customers that have filed a complaint and they were in the right for doing so. We have taken ample measures to make sure those instances do not happen again. 

And the third type of complaint is the type of complaint that has occurred with more frequency recently. Deliberate, malicious and undeserving complaints.  

Aurum Advisors has responded to all complaints filed against them in a satisfactory way, which is why we have a stellar reputation with the Better Business Bureau. They are also dedicated to improving the quality of customer service and know that it is an ongoing commitment.

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