SOURCE: Aurus Corporation

January 30, 2008 22:43 ET

Aurus Addresses Mineweb Article

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - January 30, 2008) - Aurus Corp. (PINKSHEETS: AURC) denounces the article that John Helmer wrote this week in Mineweb stating that ABV Gold is a suspect company conducting business with Aurus. In response to his statement, Aurus does not offer any judgment in relation to ABV Gold, but it emphatically denies having had any relationship or negotiations with it. Aurus is in contact with a number of mining firms, both in Canada and Europe, but it has not yet made any agreements with them, and it definitely has not negotiated nor met with any representatives of ABV Gold.

Mr. Helmer claims that the general director of TsNIGRI stated that the reports concerning the assets of Aurus are "fake." "We are most upset with Mr. Helmer, who blatantly incited the shareholders into thinking that the report published by TsNIGRI is false," added Mr. Fedor Dovgan, president. "This is completely absurd, and Mr. Helmer is certainly trying to tarnish our reputation. No one spoke to director general concerning the Krong report."

In past news releases, Aurus had announced that it had mandated TsNIGRI to make a geological report according to 43-101 standards. Its report was completed and the extract is on Aurus' website ( The complete report will be published on February 2, 2008, on the website. "TsNIGRI is one of the most respected geological firms with clients throughout the globe. Its reports are accurate and thorough," adds Mr. Fedor Dovgan.

As stated in the extract of the TsNIGRI report, within the Krong deposits there are gold reserves of 68 tons and 740 tons of silver. Nevertheless, Mr. Helmer advances the theory that the gold operations would not be profitable on the Krong tailings because of low gold ratios.

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Aurus Corporation is a publicly traded mining holding company with several precious metal properties with over 5 million ounces in gold reserves, trading under the ticker symbol AURC on the US Pinksheets market. Aurus seeks to continue acquire proven gold and other precious metal reserves in Russia and other emerging counties and operate its mines through joint ventures and/or partnerships.

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