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February 14, 2012 10:00 ET

Austin Animal Clinic Offering Discounted Pet Dental Care Services Through February

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwire - Feb 14, 2012) - Dessau Veterinary Clinic is celebrating National Pet Dental Health Month by offering discounts on pet dental care services. The clinic said they are offering discounted pet dental services in order to raise awareness of pet dental health and to encourage pet owners to take proactive steps toward maintaining their pet's health. The Austin vet clinic is offering 25% off all dentals throughout the month of February. According to the clinic staff, poor oral hygiene is a condition that affects many dogs, cats and small domesticated animals, but regular professional and home dental care can prevent these conditions.

According to Dr. Kellee Campbell, veterinarian and owner of the Dessau Veterinary Clinic, "Pet dental health is a major contributor to a pet's overall health. Oral infections that go untreated could develop into much larger health issues for the animal including widespread infection or progressive tooth decay." In these types of situations the veterinarian may be required to remove the infected tooth, provide the animal with medication to heal the infection or perform other surgical procedures in the event that the infection spreads to other areas of the animal's body.

In an effort to promote good pet dental health and encourage pet owners to make pet dental appointments, the clinic is offering 25% off all Dentals during the 29 days of February. Dentals at the animal clinic include office visits, dental procedures, anesthesia, pain medications while under anesthesia, antibiotics to take home following a procedure, pre-anesthetic blood work and the IV Catheter. According to the website, the discount does not apply to tooth extractions, pain medications for after the procedure, and any additional surgical procedure.

While Dr. Campbell and Dr. Susan Waage recommend that all cats and dogs have a professional dental exam and teeth cleaning once a year, they offered a few tips for pet owners to conduct an at home exam. Austin veterinarian Dr. Waage said, "Pet owners can conduct a basic assessment of their pet's oral health by examining their pet's teeth, gums and breath. Since oral diseases often occur as a result of plaque buildup and bacteria that settles between the animal's teeth and gums, pet owners should be on the lookout for swollen gums, tooth discoloration and breath that has a strong pungent odor. Pet owners who suspect that their animal may have an oral infection should schedule a visit with our animal clinic right away for an oral exam."

In addition to professional pet dental care, pet owners can take steps to reduce the risk of oral infection by regularly cleaning their pet's teeth with a small brush and paste that is specially formulated for use with dogs and cats, said the veterinarian. "In some cases, you may need to work with your pet over time until he or she gets comfortable with the procedure. However, pet owners who would like further guidance with their pet's oral care should visit our veterinary clinic," said Dr. Campbell.

Dessau Veterinary Clinic is a full service animal hospital that provides medical care to dogs, cats and other small animals in the Austin and Pflugerville communities. The veterinary clinic also provides pet dentistry, cat boarding and dog grooming services. More information about the February dental special or the Dessau Veterinary Clinic can be found on the clinic website

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