June 18, 2008 16:01 ET

Australia and New Zealand's Motorcyclists Are Being Denied the Very Best Accessory Prices

IRVINE, CA--(Marketwire - June 18, 2008) - Due to prices deemed too low to print, Aussie and Kiwi magazines have banned JC Motors from advertising in their publications.

Recognizing motorcyclists' needs for well priced, name-brand aftermarket bits in Australia and New Zealand JC Motors decided to test the waters.

JC's advertising and marketing savvy put the company's adverts in top magazines and on page one of Google's "motorcycle parts" search. With the lowest prices, unmatched availability and great customer service, Aussie and Kiwi bikers went wild, reaching overseas for the accessories they had to have.

Feeling the sting of new competition, local motorcycle businesses banded together to erase JC Motors from the world map, denying Aussie and Kiwi riders superior accessory access. Here's what Australia's Two Wheels magazine said about JC's low prices in an email dated 11-22-2007:

"... a number of products shown in your ad, are undercutting our major distributors that advertise with us also. While we in no way let our clients determine what we advertise in Two Wheels, we also have a responsibility to ensure that our client's best interests are met. I hope you understand that in this instance, there is a conflict of interest. While we would like to endeavor to find a way around it, at this point in time we will have to cease your advertisement in the Bike Shop directory."

In Two Wheels' defense, it did give JC Motors another chance to advertise -- on the condition that prices not be shown. Nonetheless, JC Motors was met with adversity once again. In another email, dated 5-18-2008, Two Wheels had this to say:

"Once again we have had trouble with the fact that you are advertising with us. While National advertising managers and editors had no problem whatsoever with the form of advertising you were doing with us. A group of advertisers have now grouped together and threatened to pull all their advertising from the magazine. One large client has pulled their advertising all together."

Tragically, motorcyclists in Australia and New Zealand are being denied the best deals on the accessory brands they want. Please reach out to our friends in Australia and New Zealand to tell them about JC Motors and its desire to deliver the goods. This innovative company can be reached at 714-419-0594 or

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