Unite the Union

Unite the Union

November 09, 2007 06:23 ET

Australian's in UK turn out for landmark election

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Nov. 9, 2007) - ALP Abroad, Australian Labor Party international supporter network is urging Australians living in the UK to cast their votes for the Australian Labor Party in what will be a critical election where the key issue will be fairness at work.

Australia House in London is the single largest polling station in Australian elections, including Australia. There are over 250,000 Australians resident in the UK, the majority living in London, who are eligible to vote.

Voting in the Australian general election begins on Tuesday 13th November and ends on the 23rd November. Australians living here can cast their votes at either Australia House on the Strand or by postal vote.

ALP Abroad President, Paul Smith, said:
"A Labor government under Kevin Rudd will scrap Mr Howard's unfair workchoices laws and restore fairness and balance to the workplace.
"It is important that Australians living in the UK use their vote to ensure we have a government to be proud of when overseas and one that ensures fairness and opportunity at work when we return."

Unite, the trade union, are supporting the campaign to elect a Labor government in Australia by urging their Australian members to vote, by pointing out the key campaign issue is working people getting a fair deal at work.

The Australian election date is Saturday 24th November. Polls are predicting that Labor Party could win and speculated that John Howard may lose his Sydney seat. Overseas votes will be key to the outcome.

Photo Opportunity
Time: 10 am
Date: Tuesday 13th November
Photo: Dozens of young Australians wearing Kevin 07 T-shirts and handing out campaign leaflets will be outside the Australian High Commission, Australia House, The Strand, London, WC 2B 4LA .
They will be carrying a six foot boomerang warning Australian voters not to vote John Howard back.

Notes to editors:

1. The Australian Labour Party abroad has been running a voter registration campaign and now is conducting an overseas campaign in the UK for the Australian election on November 24th.

2. London is the largest single polling station anywhere, including Australia, in Australian elections.

3. 20,669 Australians voted in London in 2004.

4. Over 250,000 Australians live in the UK, most of which are eligible to vote

5. At the last election which Labor lost, the London booth supported Labor 2:1.

6. Most Australians in the UK registered to vote, cast their votes in person at Australia House but they can also vote by post. Postal applications must lodged by the 22nd of November.

7. How the overseas vote made a difference in the 2004 election
In the 2004 elections the Adelaide seat of Hindmarsh was won by Labor by 113 votes. The margin of victory was the vote cast in London

8. How the overseas vote in could make the difference in 2007
Minister for Environment Malcolm Turnbull's seat of Wentworth which includes Bondi Beach is the seat most likely to be decided by the overseas vote. Wentworth with a margin of 2.6% is the most marginal Coalition held seat in NSW. It has the highest number of registered overseas vote.

9.Prime Minister John Howard's own seat of Bennelong is the second most marginal coalition seat in Sydney. In any seat that is a close finish like Hindmarsh in 2004, the overseas vote can be crucial. It is worth noting that John Howard's marginal seat of Bennelong had 193 votes cast in London in the 2004 election, well above the median average of overseas votes cast in an electorate.

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