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January 09, 2013 06:00 ET

Author Izzy Eichenstein Provides a Courageous and Honest Look About Growing Up in a Chassidic Regal Dynasty in the United States in "The Rebel and the Rabbi's Son"

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - Jan 9, 2013) - In "The Rebel and the Rabbi's Son," prominent real estate developer Israel "Izzy" Eichenstein reveals an inside look at his elite heritage as a member of a sacred Chassidic dynasty and his lifelong struggle to free himself from the bonds of his famous religious family. A direct descendant of the founder of Chassidic Judaism, Israel "Izzy" Eichenstein was told he was destined for greatness -- but only if he obeyed every law of the ultra-Orthodox world into which he was born. Ruled by bearded, black-clad rabbis like Izzy's father, it was (and remains) a society based on the religious practices of 18th-century European Jews. Television and movies were forbidden, there was a prayer for nearly every human activity, and contact with outsiders was strictly limited. Izzy knew from an early age that he did not fit in. But he also saw how misfits were treated -- shamed, shunned by the community, and deserted by their families.

"The Rebel and The Rabbi's Son" traces Izzy's tortuous and exhilarating journey out of fundamentalism. Along the way he submits to intensive Yeshiva training; becomes a roadie and then manager for the iconic singing rabbi, Shlomo Carlebach; drinks wine and trades philosophy with Bob Dylan; seeks solace from a fiery ex-rabbi turned therapist; and marries the red-haired girl from down the block who secretly shares his dreams of escape. From Chicago to Pittsburgh, Israel to Greenwich Village, and finally to the West Coast, Izzy struggles to break free from his upbringing and find his way to a Jewish community that speaks to his heart as well as his heritage.

For people curious about life in the closely-guarded yeshivas, prayer halls, and neighborhoods of the ultra-Orthodox, "The Rebel and the Rabbi's Son" provides a fascinating insider's view. For anyone who has endured the profound loneliness of being cast out from a fundamentalist group, Izzy's story is a road map -- and a promise that if you are true to yourself, you will find your place, your people, and your home.

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