January 18, 2011 08:00 ET

Author of Who Do You See in the Mirror? Dr. Joseph Williams, Offers Analysis of Tucson Tragedy

HENDERSON, NV--(Marketwire - January 18, 2011) - America reels from yet another deadly shooting rampage, according to CSMS. Joseph A. Williams, Ph.D., author of Who Do You See in the Mirror?©, believes the Tucson tragedy could have been avoided. "This and other such events are occurring so frequently because our world is dangerously shifting toward accepting irresponsible behavior as the norm," Williams stated.

"It's tempting to throw up our hands and say there's nothing to be done; what can one person do?" Williams asked. "This is the world we are leaving to our children and grandchildren. The answer is clear: We must do everything we can."

Williams offers the methods in his book as a way to participate in changing the global slide toward irresponsibility. After years in corporate organizational behavior, education, and research, he has distilled a simple, common-sense approach to behaving responsibly. "The ideal result is a ripple effect of responsibility that could bring us back into balance," he said.

Who Do You See in the Mirror?© presents an innovative structure called the Human CABLE System™ (HCS) behavioral makeover. The HCS approaches actions as the result of connections among five key elements of human behavior: Consequence, Attitude, Behavior, Learning, and Environment. "The disconnection of these elements is at the root of irresponsible actions. When learned and practiced over time, the HCS can be a powerful antidote to such behavior," Williams explained.

"Dr. Williams' HCS offers a methodology for self understanding and lasting behavior change. The concepts are simple and practical yet so profoundly accurate that this book should be mandatory reading for every high school and college student, everyone in the workplace from shipping clerk to CEO, and anyone aspiring to public office."
Reviewed by: John E. Frisby, Col. USAF (Ret.), CEO FCI

Please help spread the word that each of us can act to change the dangerous direction in which our world is going. National exposure is necessary to grow this movement of responsible behavior. Dr. Williams is available to answer questions or schedule speaking engagements. Also Available, from Atlas Books (800-247-6553), and most bookstores. Please use the links below for more information.
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