SOURCE: Autism Treatment Center of America

Autism Treatment Center of America

February 12, 2009 17:31 ET

Autism Expert on Vaccine Decision: Parents Know Best

CEO, Fully Recovered From Autism, Issues Statement Responding to Thursday's Ruling on Autism and Vaccines

SHEFFIELD, MA--(Marketwire - February 12, 2009) - Raun K. Kaufman, CEO of Autism Treatment Center of America, issued the following statement Thursday:

"We disagree strongly with the court's ruling and stand firmly behind parents of children with autism and other developmental disorders. Although there is currently ostensibly no statistical proof that vaccines have caused some cases of autism there is a plethora of anecdotal evidence. We work with thousands of parents, hundreds of whom have told us stories about how their children appeared completely typical before being vaccinated and within days or weeks of vaccination displayed the symptoms of autism. The program we teach, The Son-Rise Program, is built upon the idea that the parent is the child's best resource. No one has the love, life-long dedication and day-to-day understanding of their child that parents have. When parents tell us that their child was typical, received the vaccines, then developed autism soon after, we believe them. In everyday language we call these true stories. We do not believe in waiting 20 years for the right kind of statistics, but rather helping parents and their children now. Apparently the court disagreed."

When Mr. Kaufman was diagnosed with severe autism, no language, and a tested IQ of less than 30 his parents ignored the statistical evidence and instead developed The Son-Rise Program, which led to his complete recovery from autism.

Although vaccines do not cause all autism occurrences, Mr. Kaufman disagrees with those who say that so many parents are making up or imagining a link, and further disagrees with the position that the autism/vaccine link is coincidental.

Mr. Kaufman does not support canceling the vaccination program but believes it's prudent for parents to ensure their child's vaccines are thimerosal-free, administered separately and not at too early an age -- and never when a child is ill.

Autism Treatment Center of America is a non-profit organization that teaches parents to help their children with autism and other developmental challenges. As providers of an educational intervention it has no vested interest in whether vaccines have caused some cases of autism but always stands by parents. Parents know their children and have an ability to help their children that is unparallel.

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