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September 06, 2011 11:09 ET

Autism Reviewed by NeuroPerspective

CARDIFF, CA--(Marketwire - Sep 6, 2011) - NI Research has released the September issue of NeuroPerspective (formerly NeuroInvestment), which reviews the status and prospects of treatments for Autism Spectrum Disorder. More than any other CNS disorder, ASD has exploded in terms of salience and prevalence. Once considered to be a relatively rare neurodevelopmental disorder in its more severe form, with a prevalence of perhaps 1 in 2500, ASD is now estimated to affect almost 1% of the population (1 of every 110). That calculation represents a 57% increase from the CDC estimate from 2007.

This review considers the varieties of manifestations of ASD, including overlapping disorders such as Fragile X and Rett's; the genetic contributions as they are currently understood; and therapeutic programs, including those aimed at rebuilding neural structure (Afraxis, Cortex, Neuren); those aimed at restoring balance in synaptic processes (Novartis, Roche, Seaside Therapeutics, Marinus Pharmaceuticals) and programs aimed at enhancing interpersonal relatedness (Kyalin Biosciences).

The September issue of NeuroPerspective also updates the status of next generation therapeutics for Multiple Sclerosis; the discovery of a new and more explanatory target for the treatment of ALS; and takes a critical look at the DEA's most recent assault upon its own credibility.

Lundbeck's current CNS and licensing agenda is reviewed, excerpted from NI Research's CNS 2011: Therapeutics and Licensing.

NeuroPerspective is the authoritative, independent, monthly review of the neurotherapeutics area, providing critical analyses of therapeutic programs-in-development. Recent issues have reviewed current programs in Pain and Spinal Cord Injury. Upcoming issues will review Alzheimer's and stroke.

A one-year subscription to NeuroPerspective is $2200, email or hardcopy. Add $250 for dual delivery, add $50 for airmail delivery outside North America. A three-month trial subscription is $700.

CNS 2011: Therapeutics and Licensing is the 482 page annual overview of all major neurotherapeutics areas and the programs being developed within them. This evaluation also reviews the neurotherapeutics programs and licensing agendas for all major and midsize companies in the CNS area. Opportunities for opportunities for licensing and M&A are appraised, as well as trends in financing and deal structure. This provides a vital targeting resource for licensing efforts on both sides of the transaction, potential licensors and licensees.

Samples of a therapeutic area review and pharma licensing section can be downloaded from

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