SOURCE: The Autism Treatment Center of America

April 28, 2008 09:00 ET

Autism Treatment Center of America CEO, Himself Fully Recovered From Autism, Unleashes Part 7 of Bold Challenge for Autism Awareness Month: Stop Blocking Choice

SHEFFIELD, MA--(Marketwire - April 28, 2008) - Raun K. Kaufman, CEO of The Autism Treatment Center of America, made the following statement:

Imagine that you are diagnosed with cancer. You are told that there is one treatment available. This treatment doesn't work very well, but it's your only chance.

Six months later, your condition has not improved. A friend hands you information on ten other cancer treatments. In fact, some of these treatments are specifically designed for your type of cancer. None of them can guarantee remission, but they would have given you a better shot with far less side affects than your failed treatment.

You are taken aback, feeling dumbfounded that you had not been told of these treatments at the beginning.

This is the way many parents of children with autism feel. They receive the diagnosis, they are only given one option for treatment, and often that treatment is not a good match for them or their children. Later on, they find out about other treatment options, and they cannot believe that they were not given these opportunities to help their children earlier.

Countless parents have come to me in tears asking me why no one told them that our treatment was an option for their child years ago. Think about how you would feel in this situation.

My parents created a program which enabled me to recover from severe autism in direct response to the single-option treatment choice with which they were faced. Over 30 years later, most parents are still given one treatment option.

Isn't it time for families to have access to the full range of autism treatment options? Let's give parents a choice... and children a chance.

The Autism Treatment Center of America™ (ATCA) ( is home of The Son-Rise Program® for autism treatment and education. The Son-Rise Program is the program that:

--  Was created by parents for parents
--  Helps parents cure their children in some cases and achieve
    significant improvement in almost all cases
--  Has helped more than 25,000 families from 75 countries

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