SOURCE: Autism Treatment Center of America

Autism Treatment Center of America

August 30, 2010 14:23 ET

Autism Treatment Center of America Releases Video Documenting Son-Rise Program Journey Out of Autism

SHEFFIELD, MA--(Marketwire - August 30, 2010) -  The Autism Treatment Center of America™ is pleased to announce another amazing before-and-after video documenting Oscar's journey out of Autism using The Son-Rise Program. The video is available at, and includes Oscar's autistic behaviors, his achievements in The Son-Rise Program playroom, and his turnaround behavior as a socially active and verbal child. Oscar's parents credit his transformation to The Son-Rise Program, which they implemented after taking The Son-Rise Program Start-Up at The Autism Treatment Center of America in Sheffield, Massachusetts.

"Oscar was completely non-verbal and cried and rocked all day," stated Oscar's parents, from their home in Ireland. "After The Son-Rise Program, he has improved so much that a child psychologist reported he is a year above typical skills & understanding for a child his age."

The video shows that prior to treatment with The Son-Rise Program, Oscar was nonverbal and withdrawn. He had at least one 1-2 hour tantrum per day. He lined things up repetitively, didn't understand social interactions like birthdays or playing with peers, and did not play with toys. He rocked back and forth and flapped his hands.

Oscar's parents attended The Son-Rise Program Start-Up at the Autism Treatment Center of America and began Oscar's Son-Rise Program just before his fourth birthday. The treatment emphasizes loving acceptance and joining a child's autistic behaviors to create a bridge to communication and incentive for the child to emerge from an exclusive state. Within six weeks of beginning the program, Oscar began to speak. After six months, he was having full conversations. The video shows Oscar's journey, as he plays imaginative games with peers and family after going through The Son-Rise Program.

"We are overjoyed with Oscar's transformation, as well as that of other Son-Rise Program children like him," said Bryn Hogan, Executive Director of the Autism Treatment Center of America. "Oscar is a shining example of one of our core principles, which is never giving up on a child and believing that they can shine, regardless of the prognoses they may have received. Oscar's parents bravely ignored the naysayers and chose to believe their son could be helped and that his potential was unlimited. His success is a testament to their love."

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