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Autism Treatment Center of America

September 22, 2009 19:10 ET

Autism Treatment Center of America's Free Lecture Series on Recovering Children From Autism With The Son-Rise Program® in Birmingham, London, Manchester and Leeds

A Mum's Autism Diary: Never Give Up Hope; The Son-Rise Program Brings Her Son Back

LONDON--(Marketwire - September 22, 2009) - Raun K.Kaufman, CEO of the Autism Treatment Center of America and Advisory Board Member of the United States Autism & Asperger's Association (USAAA), announces a series of lecture dates to be held this autumn in the UK. The Son-Rise Program of the Autism Treatment Center of America has assisted parents worldwide and in the UK dealing with Autism Spectrum Disorders including Alison Taylor.

Full-time mum, Alison Taylor's recent diary entry: "Jordan is an amazing boy. He plays games and even helps me with supermarket shopping. He's started socializing and wants to be friends with all of the other children."

That wasn't always the case...

August 2003 Alison Taylor's diary entry: "Jordan is self-contained, almost no eye contact. Lots of obsessions: crowds, fans, spinning objects, coughing, sneezing, babies crying. Hypersensitive to sound. He gets angry quickly, has tantrums, often runs off. Jordan spends his school day in the cloak-room."

Out of curiosity Alison attended Raun Kaufman's London lecture on The Son-Rise Program in autumn 2003, where Kaufman recounted his own recovery from Autism and provided basic Son-Rise techniques. Alison was so inspired by The Son-Rise Program's message of HOPE that she immediately implemented the basics Kaufman described: converting her dining room into a playroom and "joining" Jordan in his repetitive behavior, at the time colouring the Teletubbies book from beginning to end repeatedly, day after day.

After practicing Son-Rise techniques for a month, Alison's diary entry recorded changes: "Jordan's now making more prolonged eye contact, more conversation and short sentences, requesting things like a computer, and a holiday getaway. His new activities include helping me build a toy helicopter."

Alison and Jordan are one of the 3,000 UK families that have opted for The Son-Rise Program's message of hope and innovative, home-based treatment to reach their children.

Raun K. Kaufman is lecturing this Autumn to parents of children challenged by Autism, Asperger's and related Autism Spectrum Disorders. Mr. Kaufman and Ms. Taylor are available for telephone and personal interviews.

The public may register for Mr. Kaufman's free lectures at:

MANCHESTER - 3 September, 10A M -- University of Salford

BIRMINGHAM - 4 October, 2 PM -- The Conference Aston Lakeside Center of the University of Birmingham

LONDON Hammersmith - 5 October, 6 PM -- St. Paul's Church

LONDON North -- 7 October, 6 PM -- Penridge Conference Center

LONDON Central -- 10 October, 10 AM -- Glazier's Hall

LEEDS -- 11 October, 2 PM -- Leeds College of Music

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