March 23, 2011 10:56 ET

Auto Dealers Not Only Ones Pulling Toyota Prius Incentives

Armed With Bevy of Real-Time Info, Consumers Selling Vehicles Also Tuned in to Indicators

MIAMI, FL--(Marketwire - March 23, 2011) - Automotive dealers are reporting a heightened frenzy over the Toyota Prius and a few other select Japanese models because of a possible supply chain shortage stemming from recent events in Japan. Naturally, a majority of these dealers have reduced or cut their incentives on any deals for the vehicle. Consumers looking to transfer a Toyota Prius lease are aware of the supply chain issues and have cut incentives. reports listed cash incentives from drivers looking to unload their Toyota Prius car lease contract are averaging near zero, down sharply from an average of $450 in January. As a comparison, listed incentives within the SUV segment have gone up only slightly, from $1,075 in January to $1,150 today, despite the run up in gas prices.

"Now that we live in the information age, consumers have all kinds of access to much of the same information businesses use to make real-time decisions," said Sergio Stiberman, CEO and founder of "Today's savvy consumer is keenly aware of selling over the Internet and uses a lot of this information, available via cable news, Internet outlets and social media, to make decisions that are influenced by broader economic indicators."

Below are average incentives on popular auto lease vehicles on the marketplace:

Toyota Prius Nearly $0 average incentive  
Ford Edge $430 average incentive  
BMW 3 Series $525 average incentive  
Cadillac Escalade $1,750 average incentive  
Chevy Tahoe $1,340 average incentive  

Drivers looking to transfer a leased vehicle through the marketplace may offer a cash incentive as a way to sweeten the deal for an interested shopper. When a transfer takes place terms of the contract can't change, but a cash incentive can be offered that ultimately lowers the monthly payment when factored into the remaining monthly payments. estimates incentives change hands in roughly 72 percent of all transfers.

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