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December 15, 2009 13:30 ET

Automated Outlet to Distribute Luxul Wireless Signal Enhancement Products in Home Automation Markets

LINDON, UT--(Marketwire - December 15, 2009) - Luxul Wireless, a leading innovator of patented high-performance wireless signal technologies, has announced that Automated Outlet will promote and distribute Luxul Pro-WAV™ solutions through its online catalog and worldwide dealer network. Automated Outlet is a global distributor of home automation, lighting control, and security products. Pro-WAV products are designed to efficiently expand the coverage area and improve overall network performance, enabling a single wireless access point (WAP) to provide complete "whole home" 802.11 Wi-Fi coverage. Automated Outlet will also add Luxul's X-WAV™ Circular Polarized antennas and Shock-WAV™ Wi-Fi Signal Boosters to the product line.

Using Luxul's high-performance solutions, wireless home automation networks can easily be extended by up to 400%, while maintaining high data rates. This allows for the delivery of whole-home Wi-Fi coverage using a single wireless access point (WAP) in installations that have traditionally required multiple WAPs. Benefits of using a single WAP for whole home coverage include savings in equipment costs and installation time, as well as more seamless operation with Wi-Fi devices such as touch panels and wireless cameras.

"Having a reliable and robust network is essential for wireless home automation and security applications," said Martin Custer, President of Automated Outlet. "Adding Pro-WAV solutions to our product portfolio will give our dealers a simple, high performance option for extending wireless network coverage and increasing customer satisfaction."

Pro-WAV products are ideal for wireless home automation environments. For maximum simplicity, they are engineered and packaged for ease-of-implementation and integration. Many kits are offered as FCC certified bundles that include a pre-certified WAP and everything necessary to deliver complete "whole-home" 802.11 Wi-Fi network coverage.

"Luxul is excited to add a great distribution partner like Automated Outlet to our global channel," said Jeffrey Curtis, President of Luxul Wireless. "Our products have been proven to work in the home automation market and we're confident that Luxul customers will be well served through this knowledgeable Automated Outlet channel."

Luxul Wireless Pro-WAV solutions implement patented digital signal boosting technologies along with an advanced circular polarization signal technology called Clear-WAV™. Together, these technologies deliver increased signal penetration, range and clarity -- easily outperforming traditional signal technologies. Luxul products are widely used in hospitality, healthcare, military/defense, education, home automation, commercial hot spots, and mesh networking applications.

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Luxul Wireless is the leader in engineering superior wireless signal propagation technologies to address the challenges faced by traditional wireless networking methodologies. Luxul solutions deliver the world's most reliable and powerful signals for use in home, office, and industrial networking applications.

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