SOURCE: Diskeeper Corporation

August 31, 2009 16:55 ET

Automatic Defrag: Like the Right Fuel for a High-Performance Vehicle

BURBANK, CA--(Marketwire - August 31, 2009) - As any driver of high-performance cars will tell you, the right fuel is vital to great performance. Fill the tank with lower-grade gasoline and you're not only asking for a slower car you could also be inviting engine trouble. The same is true with computers and defragmentation technology; the right defrag solution will make that computer hum, keep users happy, and speed up all application and file transfer times. Conversely, an inadequate solution, like bad fuel in a car, will cause glitches, slowdowns and reliability problems galore.

Sites the world over count on defragmentation to speed up performance and applications -- a chief target being backup times. Backing up a heavily fragmented disk means loads of extra I/O overhead and many times the length of time actually needed to perform that backup. Backups are often aborted either due to the "time window" for backup running out before the backup is complete or because the system simply hangs during the backup and no one is there to correct the situation. On the other hand, backing up a defragmented disk means the operation can proceed smoothly with minimal transfer times and problems.

Unfortunately the traditional defragmentation solution, scheduled defragmentation, is no longer solving the problem. Because files continue to fragment in between scheduled runs, files are still in a fragmented state when backed up -- and in many cases scheduled defrag isn't actually attacking the fragmentation problem at all. Also, because many servers now must be up 24X7, scheduling a defragmentation run when it won't adversely affect performance for users is now next to impossible. The net result is that, even with a "defragmentation solution" in place, backups are still slow and riddled with errors -- like that car coughing and sputtering after being filled with bad gasoline.

The only real defragmentation solution in today's computing environments is the totally automatic solution provided by Diskeeper® with its proprietary InvisiTasking™ technology. Defragmentation occurs whenever otherwise-idle system resources are available. There is never a negative impact on performance due to defrag, and no scheduling is ever needed.

Just as you would always use the right fuel in a high-performance vehicle, utilize the right defrag technology to accelerate performance in all your computer systems.

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