SOURCE: Diskeeper Corporation

November 17, 2008 17:59 ET

Automatic Defrag: Lowering Costly Help Desk Calls

BURBANK, CA--(Marketwire - November 17, 2008) - Help desk is a costly, if vital function. In smaller organizations, the help desk is usually staffed by an IT person who is performing another job function at the same time. In larger companies, it will be a full-time position. In either case, however, a high number of calls mean a higher cost for the enterprise.

Additionally, a help desk call that can be handled swiftly, within the same conversation, is ideal. It is more expensive if it involves investigation on the part of IT personnel in order to solve it -- hence generalized complaints such as "slow response," "slow network" and "application hangs" can only be answered with, "we'll look into it and get back to you." These types of problems then either need to be directly checked out by the help desk person or elevated to someone else who will.

When file fragmentation is not being adequately addressed, these kinds of complaints escalate rapidly and can unduly tie up help desk staff. Worse, if system personnel aren't well-versed on fragmentation and its effects, it can cause "ghost chases" for causes of these problems that aren't there, wasting valuable IT hours.

Inadequate defragmentation software can be partially responsible; IT has implemented scheduled defrag, for example, and consider the problem handled. But the scheduling of defrag runs has become more difficult in direct ratio to the number of servers that must remain up and running 24X7, and in between those runs fragmentation is continuing to build, impacting system performance and reliability -- and raising the number of help desk calls.

The solution is the fully automatic defrag provided by Diskeeper Corporation with InvisiTasking® technology. InvisiTasking makes it possible for Diskeeper® software to defragment whenever idle resources are available -- hence it is consistently occurring invisibly, in the background. There is never a negative performance impact from defrag, and no scheduling is ever required.

Once in place, Diskeeper software automatically and consistently defragments drives so that access is always as fast as possible. Network traffic is sped up (to the degree it was being slowed by fragmentation) and application hangs cease.

Best of all, help desk calls are drastically reduced, as the source of the problem has now been fully and adequately addressed.

In these times of economic turmoil, it benefits enterprises everywhere to make full use of Diskeeper with InvisiTasking technology. Help desk calls are one of the many expenses Diskeeper software will greatly assist in reducing.

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