SOURCE: Diskeeper Corporation

December 18, 2008 16:21 ET

Automatic Defrag Makes the Most Out of Your Personnel Production

BURBANK, CA--(Marketwire - December 18, 2008) - In these times of economic turmoil, companies need to get the most out of every available resource. Machinery needs to run as long as possible without extra maintenance or replacement. Vehicles must be cared for as the budget to obtain new ones is probably not happening this year. Office quarters must be maximized as adding extra space can't be afforded currently. And an enterprise's most valuable resource -- its employees -- must be able to perform their jobs fully and completely as extra personnel most likely aren't in the budget, either.

Managers are always on the lookout to remove distractions and barriers to employee production. "Water cooler chatting" is sharply policed. Personal emails are discouraged, personal phone calls are limited. Noise and other annoyances are avoided. Where possible, incentives are introduced to raise production. The last thing any corporation needs, then, is to have its computer system slowing down production by rendering poor performance.

The most common cause of computer performance problems is file fragmentation. Because file access takes so much longer when a file is in hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of fragments (not uncommon at all), employee job performance can be crippled across the boards. Database changes take longer. File access times are lengthened. With each employee task then comes added seconds or minutes. Personnel production adds up to the company's bottom line and so much lost time impacts that bottom line.

While scheduled defragmentation may seem to be a solution, in actuality, it no longer solves the problem. Since many servers must remain up and running 24x7, maintenance times are increasingly harder to schedule. IT hours are increased -- often running into overtime -- in order to schedule defrag and in many cases run it manually. In between scheduled runs fragmentation continues to build, impacting system performance and reliability.

With scheduled defrag implemented, a cause of slowed employee production can therefore be hidden. Fragmentation, not properly addressed, is still causing the same problems it always did.

The only true solution to today's fragmentation issues is Diskeeper® software -- the fully automatic defragmentation technology. Diskeeper Corporation's proprietary InvisiTasking® technology allows defrag to occur invisibly in the background, completely automatically. Because only otherwise-idle resources are used, there is never a negative performance impact on users and no scheduling is ever required.

But best of all, a primary barrier to personnel production -- slow system performance -- is effectively and permanently removed.

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