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March 20, 2008 13:03 ET

Automatic Defrag More Popular Than Ever

Diskeeper Sells 30 Million Licenses

BURBANK, CA--(Marketwire - March 20, 2008) - Diskeeper Corporation announced today that its flagship Diskeeper® defragmenter surpassed 30 million licenses sold -- making it the best-selling automatic defragmenter of all time.

Businesses are increasingly recognizing that computer fragmentation (1) degrades system performance, thereby affecting productivity. As evidence, 749 of the current Fortune® 1000 list companies use Diskeeper to keep their PCs and servers running at maximum speed.

The newest release of Diskeeper 2008 is the most automated defragmenter ever built. Features include the ability to defrag in the most extreme levels of low free space (1%) or the highest levels of crippling file fragmentation (millions). Intelligent defrag now dynamically chooses which software engine will net the most performance gains on a given system or environment.

This is all done transparently, in real time, tapping the full power of otherwise unused idle resources with an advanced background processing technology called, InvisiTasking™.

For further information, call 800-829-6468. Trial ware and free utilities are also available at


(1) Fragmentation: a condition caused by users writing, deleting and resizing their computer files on the hard drive. This causes the files to be become scattered or "fragmented" into many pieces. The more fragmented these pieces of information are in, the longer it takes the computer to read them. Fragmentation is a major cause of performance degradation on computers.

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