SOURCE: Diskeeper Corporation

April 23, 2009 16:40 ET

Automatic Defragmenter: Pure Performance With No Intervention

BURBANK, CA--(Marketwire - April 23, 2009) - It seems that for most things related to performance, it takes effort to get there. Memory must be installed. CPUs need to be swapped out. Networks need to be re-cabled, have more efficient routers put in and have traffic properly balanced. Applications such as databases need to be tweaked consistently for more efficient access. Faster, higher-capacity drives have to be physically mounted.

In most cases, effortless performance remains but an elusive dream. In an IT director's deepest, fondest hopes, one comes to work, sits down, presses a button or two -- and sits back and sips coffee while the system just screams along and employees everywhere are happy as clams. But meanwhile back in the real world of constantly ringing help-desk phones and complaining users, it's the usual scenario of constant debugging and putting out fires.

For many years, defragmentation followed along similar lines. A defragmenter had to be deployed to all systems requiring it, and then schedules had to be set for each and every drive. Schedules had to be frequently checked and kept current as system demands changed. In the last few years such tasks have become even more time consuming, because an increasing number of systems must remain up and running constantly. Times in which maintenance can be scheduled are becoming scarce. Because fragmentation continues to be a problem in between the scheduled runs that can be done, user complaints continue to pour in -- absorbing even more time.

For today's sites, Diskeeper® automatic defragmenter comes as a welcome relief. Once installed, Diskeeper is fully automatic, requiring absolutely no more attention.

"Performance issues related to fragmented servers are a non-issue at the Zoo Atlanta," said Fred Vignes, Information Technology Director at Zoo Atlanta in Atlanta, Georgia. "If it weren't for the total lack of fragmentation I wouldn't know Diskeeper was running."

Diskeeper Corporation's proprietary InvisiTasking® technology runs invisibly, in the background, using resources that would be otherwise idle. There is never a negative performance impact from defrag, scheduling is never required, and system performance and reliability are constantly maximized. "InvisiTasking is either the silent fragmentation killer or my servers are really idle all the time," Vignes joked.

Best of all, with this defragmenter performance truly does become effortless. "Diskeeper is truly 'set it and forget it,'" Vignes concluded. "I look at each server's Diskeeper Dashboard weekly and am thankful that there is no intervention required."

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