TRACE Live Network

TRACE Live Network

February 24, 2015 10:00 ET

Autonomous Tracking Camera Startup TRACE Demonstrates for Entire Disney Media Network as Part of Their Hand-Picked 'Best of CES'

Autonomous Tracking FLYr1 Quadcopter Demonstrations Carried out for Executives Across Walt Disney Network Properties; ABC Entertainment, ESPN, Walt Disney Studios, Pixar, Lucas Film, Touchstone and Marvel

TORONTO, CANADA and VENICE, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwired - Feb. 24, 2015) -

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TRACE Live Network, creator of the visually intelligent, autonomous tracking camera TRACEr1, announced today that, having been selected by Disney Studio Executives as one of the top 30 CES exhibitors from more than 3600 which attended January's 2015 event in Las Vegas, TRACE team members performed live, autonomous flight demos of the Company's auto-follow, FLYr1 quadcopter for Executives across all of Disney's major media properties.

The annual 'Best of CES' event - which is hosted every February by the Walt Disney Studios Technology Group at the Company's Burbank, CA studio - unveils their own hand-picked selection of 'the latest and greatest technology' exhibited at the previous month's show. 2014 invitees included Oculus, Makerbot, 3D Systems and Qualcomm with TRACE joined at this year's event by notable participants including Sony and Panasonic. Each invitee demoed products that were launched at CES and deemed the most exciting innovations for those in media creation, production and broadcast.

The TRACEr1 represents an entirely new product category. Using proprietary video-as-a-sensor technology, the TRACEr1 visually intelligent camera is able to "click-in" and "click-out" of several accessory vehicles designed to suit every user environment, controlling each autonomously. With required positioning and streaming preferences able to be selected within the TRACE app, all enabled vehicles will lock onto a signature pattern worn by the user (i.e. a logo, code, or color sample) and carry out autonomous video capture, all while live-streaming the action to

Vehicles currently in development include; the FLYr1 quadcopter, designed for aerial video capture, DRIVEr ATV for ground-based capture and the FOLLOWr Tripod Gimbal.

TRACE CEO Cameron Chell said of the experience "For a new company like ours, being handpicked as one-to-watch by an iconic organization such as Disney, from the hottest tech companies on the planet, yes, that's pretty special! We're being presented with potential new applications for our technology on almost a daily basis. For Disney this might involve use cases such as FLYr1 quadcopters locking onto particular athletes during ESPN televised coverage and immersing fans in the action in an entirely new way."

TRACE Live Network is a venture created by the Business Instincts Group (BIG)

About TRACE Live Network

The TRACEr1 is a visually intelligent camera that allows people to be 'in' their greatest moments by autonomously operating a selection of auto-follow tracking devices and live-streaming captured HD user footage directly to the Internet.

Through aggregation of live-streamed footage from all globally-activated TRACEr1 devices, as well as syndication of the best live action sports content from leading global providers such as and, TRACE Live Network is positioning to be the largest live media network in the world.

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