November 14, 2011 08:52 ET

Avail-TVN Takes AAIM at Interactive Ads With Launch of Advanced Advertising Insertion and Marking Service (AAIM)

Service Streamlines Dynamic Ad Insertion and Helps Monetize VOD and TV Everywhere

RESTON, VA--(Marketwire - Nov 14, 2011) - Avail-TVN, the leading digital media services company, today announced the launch of AAIM, its Advanced Advertising Insertion and Marking service. Before AAIM, a service provider had to remove a VOD asset and replace it with another copy of the same program when the C3 window expired. C3 is the industry-standard measure of commercials viewed during a live broadcast and for three days afterward. Loading a new version of the same program with different ads added complexity to the process and made it more difficult for content and service providers to take advantage of the full revenue potential of C3 and dynamic ad insertion (DAI).

AAIM was developed to alleviate this challenge. As DAI is deployed across the VOD industry, content owners and their affiliates will be able to monetize content, during both the C3 window and beyond, with the same asset. Avail-TVN will capture the live network feed, QC for the Nielsen watermark, encode the program, and apply the advertising insertion mark into the metadata for future advertising insertion once the C3 window expires -- all within a six hour window.

"The deployment of Dynamic Ad Insertion will significantly improve VOD monetization for advertising-supported content providers and their affiliates," said Bill Niemeyer, Senior Analyst with The Diffusion Group. "It will also benefit consumers by expanding the portfolio of free ad-supported programming on VOD. Avail-TVN's AAIM will help move DAI forward by streamlining workflow and reducing costs for operators and TV networks."

How it Works
Until now, C3 VOD assets had to be deleted from the server at the end of their window and replaced with a new copy that either had new ads or none at all. This required a second round of editing, processing and distribution of the program.

Avail-TVN's AAIM service captures the live network feed, performs editing of the tip and tail of the program, encodes the asset into numerous formats -- MPEG2, MPEG4, SD, HD, and Adaptive Bitrate -- while retaining the Nielsen watermark, performs quality control and analysis, and simultaneously applies the advertising insertion marks into the asset.

At the end of the C3 window, known as Day 4 (D4), existing ads can be removed and new ads can be dynamically inserted. In parallel to the marking, Avail-TVN captures, packages and distributes the Placement Opportunity Information (POIS) representing the business rules around the AAIM marks.

"Part of being a leading digital media services company means providing advanced services to the market. Avail-TVN has built and provides the tools and systems for both Content Owners and Service Providers to enable digital ad insertion and to maximize the revenue potential of VOD and TV Everywhere programming," said Jim Riley, Chief Revenue Officer, Avail-TVN.

Avail-TVN has been testing the AAIM service with both networks and service providers who support the DAI protocols in the SCTE-130 specification and certain proprietary platforms. The first commercial deployment is expected in the first quarter of 2012.

About Avail-TVN
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